Coming Soon: Harver CHAT Screening and Recruiting Chatbot 

Screening chatbot visual - Mobile phone showing hourly candidate using chatbot to apply to job

Here’s some big news worth chatting about, especially for retail, restaurant, and hospitality employers. We’re getting ready to launch our conversational chatbot called Harver CHAT, which stands for Conversational Hiring AI Tool. Harver CHAT will be available soon to help you end the busy summer season strong – and to scale up for the prized holiday shopping season. 

With Harver CHAT, you can start engaging and screening candidates before they even apply. Our chatbot uses smart AI so you can collect answers to screening questions in a fun, friendly chat-based conversation.

Here’s a teaser of Harver CHAT in action: 

This latest addition to our suite of automated hiring solutions makes fast work of the early hiring stages. Read on for 4 reasons why implementing a conversational screening chatbot like Harver CHAT makes sense for your organization. 

Harver CHAT makes hiring faster and easier

When competing for hourly workers, screening for quality and hiring for speed need to work together. Well, imagine screening and hiring top talent on the same day. With Harver CHAT, applications are complete in minutes – no recruiter or hiring manager effort required. You can even automatically move the right candidates to the next stage of your hiring process.  

Harver CHAT saves on hiring costs

In addition to streamlining time to hire, Harver CHAT can also lead to significant cost savings for your HR team. Chatbots can handle up to 80% of standard questions from candidates to free up valuable recruiter and location manager time (which you know equals money). 

Harver CHAT engages candidates

Creating a positive, engaging candidate experience is critical for landing the best fits for retail or hospitality roles. According to iCIMS, 58% of job seekers decline an offer based on poor candidate experience. Harver CHAT replaces boring and impersonal forms with a friendly chat-based experience. So you can reduce candidate drop-off rates instead of losing out on top candidates due to a slow and clunky screening process. 

Harver CHAT improves employer brand

Especially when hiring fast-moving hourly candidates, you need every competitive advantage you can get. Our customers regularly see 95%+ candidate satisfaction scores, but we’re not done optimizing yet. With Harver CHAT, you can introduce candidates to your company and culture with a seamless branded experience. 

Keep the conversation going with Harver CHAT 

Schedule a demo or contact your Harver Account Manager to get a personal preview of our conversational Harver CHAT screening tool. 

Keith Leong

Keith Leong

Posted on:
February 29, 2024

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