World’s First Content Moderator Assessment For $7.5B Content Moderation Services Market

Finally, an online post that’s safe for work: Harver just launched the world’s only Content Moderator assessment.

Our assessment for Content Moderator roles is the first-ever available for BPOs, content moderation companies, and online platforms. Here are the highlights, with more details on our scientific approach in the following sections. 

Example item: Harver’s Content Moderator assessment is a realistic job preview of the role that is predictive of job performance for accuracy and speed.

About Harver’s Content Moderator assessment (request your demo now)

  • The first and only assessment for this in-demand role
  • Predicts accuracy and speed, two critical KPIs for the role
  • Validated to predict quality and speed
  • Includes 16 items and takes about 1 minute per item

Read on to learn more about why content moderators are so valuable. Or use this link to learn all about Harver’s validated Content Moderator assessment. 

What's in?

What is a content moderator?

Content Moderators review photos, videos, messages, and other user-generated content on social media platforms, websites, and online communities. These Content Moderators serve a critical role protecting users from inappropriate content. They also ensure that rules and regulations of specific platforms or websites are upheld.

Some of the key responsibilities of a content moderator:

  • Review user-generated content to ensure compliance with community guidelines
  • Moderate content that violates platform policies or applicable legislation
  • Resolve potential content issues flagged by users

These content moderator responsibilities require both accuracy and speed. Accuracy ensures dangerous content is actioned appropriately, such as being removed if in violation of community standards. Speed is important for job performance to maintain productivity, including any agreements with your customers. 

What content needs moderating?

Content Moderators review photos, videos, text, and audio content. Moderators tend to focus on user-generated content like TikTok videos or replies to Instagram photos. Sometimes they also moderate advertisements, too.

For a real-world example of the kinds of dangerous content out there, let’s look at Facebook. As one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook’s thousands of global Content Moderators removed more than 140 million pieces of content between October and December of 2023.

4 benefits to assessing content moderators

Hiring teams to moderate content for your clients’ guidelines and policies? There are many benefits to assessing Content Moderator candidates for accuracy and speed. Here are 4 critical reasons why your BPO should assess Content Moderator candidates with a fast and science-backed approach.

1. Newer role, same challenge: Competing for talent

Millions of photos, videos, and messages are posted online each day. Platforms need accurate and fast workers to review this content, which can be graphic or otherwise dangerous. Facebook alone directly or indirectly employs approximately 15,000 content moderators, according to a study by NYU Stern. Is your BPO equipped to identify the best candidates faster than the competition?

2. $7.5B market value now – and tripling by 2032

While the field is relatively new, moderating online content is big business, and is only expected to grow. In fact, the Content Moderator services market was valued at $7.5 billion (USD) in 2023, with growth forecasted to triple to nearly $23 billion by 2032.
The $7.5B content moderator services market value will triple by 2032. Competing to assess and hire enough Content Moderators requires accuracy and speed, just like the role itself.

3. Unsafe content is a risk to advertising dollars

According to Sprout Social, social media advertising spend is projected to reach nearly $220B (USD) this year. But brands won’t advertise on your clients’ platforms if there are brand safety concerns. For example, ad spending on X (formerly Twitter) dropped by more than half after firing an estimated 3,000 content moderators in 2022.

4. Compliance with legislation around the world

Regulations like the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) prevent “illegal and harmful activities online and the spread of disinformation” on social networks and content-sharing platforms. There are significant risks to your customers (and your relationship together) if your content moderation teams can’t adhere. For instance, DSA violations can lead to fines of up to 6% of global annual income.

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Harver’s validated Content Moderator assessment

When evaluating Content Moderator job seekers, can your BPO or content moderation organization reliably predict…

  • …actioning on content spanning different platforms and standards?
  • …ability to work at a pace that meets customer obligations?

Now you can, with the first-ever Content Moderator assessment. Harver’s new, science-backed method identifies top candidates with 16 items that take about a minute each. These items provide a realistic job preview, including a photo, video, or other example to review.

Here’s another example of the types of items that can appear in our Content Moderator assessment:

With Harver’s Content Moderator assessment, candidates review content for both higher level safety issues and platform-specific rules.

How our Content Moderator assessment works

  1. Candidates review a sample piece of content we provide
  2. Candidates select which, if any, rules are broken
  3. Fit is predicted based on two critical KPIs: accuracy and speed

In partnership with a global leader in the content moderation industry, we validated that our assessment is predictive of job performance based on core KPIs related to both accuracy and speed. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Global study of 245 incumbents in Content Moderator role at a leading BPO
  • Validated to be predictive of job performance using two provided KPIs
  • 1.8x more likely to be above average for accuracy (Quality Assurance metric)
  • 1.7x more likely to be above average for speed (Average Handle Time)

Want more details on how our Content Moderator assessment predicts quality and speed on the job?
Download our Content Moderator validation study one-pager.

Best practices for assessing content moderators

As the only provider with a Content Moderator assessment, we want to share the do’s and don’ts we’ve established based on our singular experience so far.

Implement our Personality Print assessment, too
We require pairing Harver’s Content Moderator assessment with our Personality Print behavioral assessment. This improves predictive ability for job fit, or what our I-O psychologists call “incremental validity.” This supports greater predictability of accuracy and speed.

Get a full picture of candidates
Our Content Moderator assessment identifies if a candidate can do the job. But are they a strong fit and will they stay? Our Personality Print assessment identifies if candidates have the relevant personality characteristics. For instance, the resilience to view potentially dangerous content and the detail-oriented nature to maintain quality.

Our Personality Print assessment reveals if a candidate is a good fit based on job-relevant personality characteristics, like Resilience and Work Intensity for Content Moderation roles.

Predict for attrition, not just accuracy and speed
Reviewing challenging content can contribute to unwanted turnover. Luckily, Harver’s Personality Print assessment is predictive of attrition. Plus, Harver’s Content Moderator assessment gives candidates a realistic preview of the role. This helps with aligning expectations about the nature of the role’s daily experience.

Note: Not all drop-off is bad. If a candidate can’t handle relatively mild content during the assessment, they wouldn’t last long on the job itself.

Be mindful of the candidate experience
Due to the nature of the role, a Content Moderator assessment should never be the first assessment after application. Ideally, we recommend that the recruiter first manages expectations about the assessment content via a phone call or email invite. Another option is to lead with another assessment first, such as Harver’s Personality Print.


Want your organization’s share of the $7.5B Content Moderator services market? You’ll need every advantage to compete for in-demand talent.

With so much at stake for your content moderation company and your customers, you can’t afford to wait. With the only Content Moderator assessment available, you can hire for accuracy and speed using validated science.

Schedule your demo to see the world’s only Content Moderator assessment in action. You can also download our validation study one-pager for more details. 

Keith Leong
Keith Leong
Updated on:
May 22, 2024

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