Why 2024 Is the Year of Content Moderation

2024 is shaping up to be a massive year for content moderators, BPOs and other service providers, and online platforms. In honor of this year’s trends and opportunities, here are 2024 reasons why…

…just kidding. 

Let’s just say we moderated the full list so you can action on this much more manageable list of 4 reasons why 2024 is the year of content moderation.

What's in?

1. Challenge: Content moderators are BUSY in 2024

Marketers have a saying, “Content is king.” For BPOs, the corollary just might be, “And moderation is treasurer.” After all, the content moderation services market is valued at $7.5B (and projected to grow to $23B in a few years).

Approximately two-thirds of the world’s population are social media users, with the average user spending 2+ hours on social media per day. Now consider that 2024 isn’t just any year. Some of the timely events that billions of people experiencing — and posting about — include:

  • War and other violent conflicts across the globe
  • 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris
  • 80+ presidential or other high-level elections

As online discourse ramps up for hotbed topics that can lead to risky user content, BPOs and other service providers will need to be adequately staffed. 

8 out of 10 of the world’s most populated countries, representing more than 3.25 billion people, will see an uptick in political and social content during a contentious election year.

2. Solution: First-ever Content Moderation assessment

Is your team struggling to fill seats for the valuable Content Moderator role? Consider identifying the best fits before your competitors do, with the world’s only Content Moderator assessment.

Harver recently launched an exclusive assessment that’s validated to predict both accuracy and speed. Similar to a realistic job preview, Harver’s content moderator assessment:

  • Is proven to predict two critical KPIs: Accuracy and speed
  • Validated with a BPO that moderates billions of content pieces annually
  • Includes 16 items and takes about 15 minutes to complete

“Content Moderators are the first line of defense for maintaining brand and platform safety, user trust, and regulatory compliance,” says Adrian Millington, Senior Strategic Account Manager at Harver. “BPOs and other content moderation services providers are already reaching out with excitement about our exclusive Content Moderation assessment.” 

Sample item from Harver’s exclusive Content Moderator assessment, validated to predict accuracy and speed. Learn More

3. Now you can predict Content Moderator attrition, too

Your team can’t action on content if your team keeps quick quitting. Plus, higher retention means fewer seats to backfill, which lowers hiring and training costs. You need to start with understanding the cause for content moderator turnover.

Specifically, moderating the internet’s content can be mentally and emotionally challenging. On a daily basis, content moderators review text, images, and videos that are flagged as potentially harmful to users.

What if you could identify and hire resilient candidates? To help predict both job performance and attrition, Harver pairs our Content Moderator assessment with our Personality Print behavioral assessment. Together, Harver’s science-backed assessments can be tuned to predict retention and other key performance indicators identified as critical for the role. 

Harver’s Personality Print assessment predicts resilience and other retention-correlated traits for content moderation or other roles.Learn More

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4. Regulatory and SLA compliance

When it comes to requirements, content moderation service providers risk valuable customer relationships if they don’t uphold standards on multiple levels:

  1. Platform-level policies on what’s safe for users in a specific community
  2. SLA-level commitments, based on contractual agreements with specific customers
  3. Regulatory-level compliance determined by local or regional legislation

At the platform level, it’s critical to identify candidates who can maintain quality standards, including different guidelines for different communities. For instance, pairing Harver’s content moderator and Personality Print assessments enables predicting for accuracy, as well as traits like multitasking.

At the service level agreement or SLA level, you can be contractually required to maintain certain time-based metrics. Common examples are response time and review time, both largely driven by worker efficiency. Harver’s content moderator assessment identifies fit based in part on candidate speed.

At the regulatory level, some legislation applies more narrowly, like California’s AB 587 for social media platform transparency. Others, like the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA), ring up significant revenue-based fines if communities don’t comply. Harver’s assessment can help with hiring better fits who can maintain quality and speed on the job. 

Make 2024 YOUR year for content moderation

Whether your top goal is growth, talent retention, securing customer relationships, or compliance, Harver’s exclusive content has you covered. With the world’s only content moderator assessment, this is your chance to get ahead of competitors in a market projected to triple to $23B by 2032.

Let’s make sure 2024 is your year: request Content Moderator assessment demo. 

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Keith Leong
Posted on:
May 23, 2024

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