HR Tech Defined: What Is Automated Reference Checking?

What is automated refence checking? 

Automated reference checking is a software-powered alternative to traditional reference checking. These modern solutions use technology to automate repetitive aspects of gathering re-hire data, performance information, and other qualitative insights into a potential hire from current or former colleagues.  

How are traditional reference checks done? 

Traditional phone-based process for checking references, with recruiter needing to manually call each reference
The labor- and time-intensive way to check references by phone

While checking references is a valuable step in ensuring quality of hire, traditional reference checking is a labor-intensive process

  • Recruiter or hiring manager asks candidate for list of references 
  • Candidate provides contact information for their references  
  • Recruiter or hiring manager waits for reply  
  • Recruiter or hiring manager manually calls each reference individually 

With traditional reference checks, each manual step takes human effort that can also add delays late in the hiring process. This lengthens time to hire when shortlisted candidates are eager for a decision (and quite possibly are considering other job offers). On average, traditional reference checks require 76 minutes of recruiter or hiring manager time, 3-7 days to complete, and only yield 2.4 references. 

Another drawback of traditional reference checks is they seldom remove unfit candidates who are faking references. Whenever fraud leads to hiring a poor candidate who requires replacement, there is a direct impact on overall team productivity, recruiter and hiring manager workload, and company resources invested in onboarding. 

How are automated reference checks different? 

Faster and easier process for checking references with Harver, saving recruiters time and effort by automating repetitive tasks
The streamlined way to check references with Harver’s automated solution

Automated reference checking streamlines the process for recruiters or hiring managers. For instance, Harver’s reference checking solution uses automated surveys to easily gather feedback from references.  

For recruiters and hiring managers, the automated reference checking process is fast and simple

  • Recruiter or hiring manager launches reference check with candidate 
  • Candidate inputs contact info for references 
  • References provide candid feedback via an engaging, confidential survey 
  • Recruiter or hiring manager reviews consolidated feedback  

From the company side, automated reference checking from Harver reduces human effort to just 2 minutes instead of 76 minutes. Plus, on average more than 6 references are received in just 2 days compared to 2.4 references in 3-7 days with traditional reference checking.   

To screen out bad actors who would slip through otherwise, Harver’s automated reference checking includes built-in fraud detection. This helps to eliminate 10-12% of unsuitable candidates, allowing organizations to focus on credible candidates instead. 

How can I learn more about automated reference checking? 

Visit our automated reference checking page to learn more about Harver’s #1-rated reference checking solution. 

Keith Leong

Keith Leong

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