Invest in Pre-Hire Assessments to Save Money & Improve Company Culture

There’s more information about job candidates available in today’s social media world than was available even a decade ago, and many recruiters make use of personal profiles to determine if a candidate is a good fit for a job. This approach isn’t exhaustive, though, and it’s essential to remember that appearances can be deceiving.

You need better tools in the hiring process

What if you had access to a call center test simulation or behavioral assessment?

Assessments such as these can help you determine if a given candidate is the right fit for your job. These candidate assessments are designed to give recruiters and hiring managers a basic idea of a candidate’s personality and work disposition. Talent assessments tailored to your industry can also help you determine if applicants have the knowledge and skills to excel in a given position.

Why Use Pre-Hire Talent or Personality Assessments?

Many organizations big and small use pre-hire assessments for one reason: They save money. The average onboarding cost for hiring a new employee is over $4,000. If you’re hiring even a handful of employees a year, these costs add up quickly. Assessing an applicant’s personality, skills, and overall fit for your workplace via a pre-employment assessment is a great way to reduce costs related to bad hires and high employee turnover.


It’s important to know that a pre-employment assessment is more than a few simple questions. These assessments are generally designed by industrial-organizational psychologists, and they use deep knowledge about human behavior and personality to provide metrics to business owners. While personality assessments are tailored to individual industries, all great assessments have some things in common.

5 things great assessments have in common

  1. They have a proven track record of improving employment outcomes for client organizations.
  2. They measure what are known as “stable traits,” or personality traits that don’t tend to change over time.
  3. They’re considered very reliable, which is shown when the same person gets the same result after taking the test multiple times.
  4. They provide metrics to rate how truthfully test creators believe the candidate has answered assessment questions.
  5. They’re normative, which means that all applicants are scored according to the same criteria.

Leveraging Metrics to Improve Company Culture

When you conduct call center employment testing or a similar type of pre-employment screening, you improve the odds that you’ll spot problem hires before you onboard them. More than just reduce turnover, you’ll also be able to protect organizational culture.

Investing in talent assessments that help you weed out poor-fit candidates before you hire can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction and turnover.

Why Outsource Pre-Hire Assessments?

You’ve heard that pre-hire talent and personality assessments have substantial benefits, and you’d like to get in on them. It’s essential to work with a company that provides industry-tailored assessment services. Companies working in this arena employ industrial-organizational psychologists and HR specialists who can create assessments that reflect the unique needs of your organization. These professionals do the hard work of creating an assessment that provides valid, easy-to-understand results so that you can focus on choosing from only the most qualified candidates.

Of course, not all assessments are created equal

It’s essential to spend time investigating your provider options. Find out how many companies in your industry a given provider has worked with, and ask to talk with current clients about their success stories. If your organization chooses to conduct pre-hire talent assessment, you’ll also need to track metrics that help you identify the return on investment of your assessment tool.

To learn more about Harver’s comprehensive solutions for assessing job seekers, schedule a demo today. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and to help you identify your organization’s top hiring challenges to overcome.

Harver Team

Harver Team

Updated on:
June 6, 2023

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