We’re excited to announce that Harver has acquired pymetrics!

Connecting Values to Applicants: The Benefits of Customization within Assessment Solutions

We’re excited to share the latest innovative addition to Harver’s suite of capabilities via the pymetrics solution. This new feature helps optimize talent decisions by enabling visibility into values alignment between a company and a candidate. In addition, organizations can better bring their employer brand and values to life, using their company’s unique language.

Below are the core benefits you can expect to receive when implementing customized capabilities with pymetrics.

The benefits of value alignment

Many organizations struggle to find alignment between their core values and those of candidates. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Thanks to the customizable capabilities and values now available with pymetrics assessment solution, your organization can:

  • Embody your capabilities and values, and match with talent who share these qualities
  • Source, retain, and develop top talent by defining your own success metrics
  • Drive long-term business success and employee satisfaction
  • Save time by deploying a single consistent and streamlined capabilities assessment throughout your entire organization
  • Better align employees to your most valued capabilities by recommending specific development steps

Instant visibility into values alignment

The addition of customizable values and capabilities adds a layer of data intelligence to pymetrics revolutionary AI behavioral soft skills assessments. Together, this new offering backed by decades of neuroscience literature opens exciting new doors for talent acquisition and development.

No other solution delivers the ability to assess individuals with behavioral games and measure an individual’s capabilities in a customer’s unique capability language. Additionally, the pymetrics solution can customize the language in reports to measure the capabilities you care about most.

Core values in action

Recently, we worked with an internationally known B2C company. To better empower current and future employees, we coupled our scientifically backed behavioral assessments with the client’s new “Head, Heart, Hands” ethos. By mapping behavior within the context of our framework, employees and candidates engaged with our assessments in a way that was relevant to unique core values, while providing generated reports for managers and recruiters.   

With customizable capabilities and values now available, your organization can reap the benefits of value alignment, too.

Discover the value of customizable values

Interested in learning more about implementing customizable capabilities and values functionality? Let’s connect to discover how Harver can support you throughout the talent lifecycle, from recruitment to workforce gap analysis to learning & development.

Frida Polli

Frida Polli

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