The power of Harver in your ATS

HarverX is a browser extension that allows you to merge Harver and your ATS with the click of a button.

Supercharge your ATS

Manage your candidate assessment process on top of your ATS. Supercharge your systems with Harver’s assessments and candidate matching capabilities and hire better.


Invite candidates to your customized Harver hiring experience with ease. Simply navigate to the candidate you wish to assess, open Harver X by clicking on the blue button in the downright corner and choose ‘invite’.


Use one of the pre existing invitation E-mail templates or write something yourself. Press ‘invite’ et voila!


Once you’ve invited candidates, you can sit back and let Harver do the heavy lifting. Candidate assessment and matching score calculation are done within the Harver platform, so you have time left to spend on other, more input heavy tasks.


Once a candidate is finished, navigate to this candidate’s profile within your ATS and open HarverX to see the assment scores.

Want a more in-depth look? The full PDF report is just a click away.

Integrate Harver X with your ATS or current recruitent system to fully automate your hiring process from end to end.