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Every episode, your hosts Caitie and Mingus help you discover the latest recruitment trends, give you actionable tips and tricks, and provide you with tools and resources to help you stay on top of your recruitment game. All in a bite-sized format, perfect for on-the-go.

Whether you are a recruiter, a talent acquisition manager or an HR specialist, you will surely find new insights and inspiration in every episode. Do you have a comment, feedback or compliment for us? Or would you like to be featured as a guest on our podcast? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]!

Actionable Tip List for Inclusive Job Ads

Make your job ads more inclusive and get a diverse pool of candidates to apply. Download our list of 11 tips for writing inclusive job ads created by Kyle Snyder, a linguist, data specialist, and a recent guest on the Recruitment On The Go podcast!

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