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The importance of assessing spoken language for contact centers and BPOs.

a product webinar by Dr. Ben Porr.

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What you’ll learn

Contact centers and BPO organizations are rapidly expanding to offshore locations. When moving operations to non-native English speaking countries, it is extremely important that candidates have the right level of language proficiency and fluency to support customers who are native English speakers.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The importance and key facets of spoken language;
  • How you can future proof your organization by implementing natural language processing;
  • Our spoken language assessment.


Thursday, April 23

This webinar has already aired.

Supporting Guests:

Barend Raaff – CEO, Harver

Nazy Kerr – Head of Talent, Harver

Robert Szabo – Technical Product Owner, Harver

About the speaker: Dr. Ben Porr

As IO-psychologist Ben specializes in talent assessment, organizational development and people analytics. As Harver’s VP of People Science he has worked with a wide range of contact centers and BPOs on innovating their candidate selection process.