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Efficiency in Contact Center Hiring:
From Street to Seat in 72 Hours

About this webinar

Between hard to forecast recruitment capacity and a pressure to trim unnecessary costs, contact centers are struggling to find more efficient ways to operate. It’s time to face that challenge head on: by adopting automation technology, it’s possible to enable applicants to go from street to seat within 72 hours.

In this webinar, we’re identifying the critical gaps that are preventing contact centers and BPOs from realizing full efficiency potential.
Join our webinar and learn how to:

About the speakers:

Barend Raaff

CEO, Harver

Barend is Harver's co-founder and CEO. A true digital innovator who has collaborated with the world's largest contact centers to digitally transform their recruitment process.

Matthijs Metzemaekers

CCO, Harver


Thursday, February 25 at 1pm ET / 10am PT

Supporting Guests:

Caitie McCollow

Host and Product Specialist, Harver

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