Multi-location hiring webinar series

Efficiency in Multi-Location Hiring:
From ‘apply’ to ‘hired’ in 24 hours

About this webinar

In a decentralized recruitment reality, where store managers are responsible for a laborious and manual recruitment process, the need for an efficiency revolution is undeniable. Especially with so many uncertainties ahead, it’s a sink or swim situation.

Our recent survey revealed that ‘efficiency in volume hiring’ is the number one challenge for multi-location retailers. It’s time to face that challenge head on: by adopting automation and hiring technology, you can enable store managers to hire qualified candidates in 24 hours.

In this webinar, our speakers are identifying the critical gaps that are preventing Retailers from realising full efficiency potential.
Join our webinar and learn how to:

About the speakers:

Barend Raaff

CEO, Harver

Matthijs Metzemaekers

CCO, Harver


Thursday, March 4 at 1pm ET / 10am PT

Supporting Guests:

Caitie McCollow

Host and Product Specialist, Harver

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