Next-Gen Hiring:

How to select the best live chat agents

About this webinar

Learn how the world’s leading contact centers assess live chat agents. Our senior people science consultant will share the unique skills needed to succeed in a chat support role, and how they differ from traditional contact center roles.

We’ll show you why the way chat agents are being assessed and selected is outdated and inefficient – and how you can bring the assessment of chat agents into a new reality. One that is fast, digital-first, and future proof.

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About the speakers:

Linn Hadenius

Senior People Science Consultant

As a Senior Consultant of People Science, Linn has worked with the world's largest contact centers and BPOs to digitally transform their hiring process.


38 minutes

Supporting Guests:

Barend Raaff

CEO, Harver

Nazy Krygier

Head of Talent, Harver

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