Using data to navigate the permanently changed recruitment landscape

a partner webinar with Looker by Google Cloud

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With unemployment rates skyrocketing to never-seen-before heights, the hiring landscape has permanently changed. In order to regain control over their hiring process and to avoid steering blindly into the future, talent acquisition leaders around the globe are embracing new technologies. Especially those providing business intelligence and guidance for decision-making.

To help organizations navigate the hiring landscape, Harver has added Insights, Powered by Looker, providing end-to-end visibility into recruitment performance. By uniting people science and data science, organizations get actionable insights into candidate experience, sourcing, matching, and operations. This is allowing them to automate processes, save on costs and speed up their hiring process.

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About the speakers:

Daniel Mintz

Throughout his career, Daniel has focused on how people interact with data in their everyday lives and how they can use it to get better at what they do. Daniel has appeared in numerous media venues, from NPR's All Things Considered to MSNBC's The Last Word to The New York Times and The Washington Post. He is a regular speaker a conferences including Google NEXT, AWS re:Invent, eMetrics, the Big Data Innovation Summit.


57 minutes

Supporting Guests:

Barend Raaff

CEO, Harver

Greg DiTullio

VP, Delivery & Customer success at Harver

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