Harver for Grocery Stores

From ‘Apply’ to ‘Hired’ in less than 24 hours.

The leading grocery candidate selection platform designed to hire better talent, faster.

Grocery chain software designed to:

Efficiently hire for multiple locations

Empower and support store managers

Give candidates an amazing experience

Hire for multiple locations

Balance candidate streams and hit fill rates across locations.

Let candidates apply to multiple locations at once, saving them time and getting you more qualified applicants per location. By integrating your candidate selection processes, your team can make better use of your shared talent pool and reduce your overall time to hire.

Recruitment Timeline

Empower store managers

Let store managers spend more time, in-store.

Provide your store managers with the tools to automate tedious recruitment tasks like candidate qualification and interview scheduling. Let them manage recruitment tasks easily via the Harver mobile app so they have more time to spend in-store.

Manage candidate expectations

Implement customized Situational Judgment Tests.

Show candidates what to expect through Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) specifically tailored to your organization. Let them experience the job upfront and determine if there’s a mutual fit.

Provide an amazing experience

Treat your candidates like your best customers.

Harver allows candidates to apply on-to-go, directly from their mobile device, all in under 10 minutes. With a realistic job preview and interactive videos, Harver ensures candidates understand the role and its challenges upfront, reducing future employee turnover.

Harver users experience


decreased time to hire


decreased employee turnover


applicant satisfaction rate

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