Harver for Hospitality

From ‘Apply’ to ‘Hired’ in less than 24 hours.

The leading candidate selection platform designed for hiring top talent in Hospitality.

Recruitment software designed to:

Efficiently hire for multiple locations

Drastically reduce early
new hire turnover

Treat candidates as
your best customers

Multi-location hiring

Distribute candidates across locations and optimize talentpool efficiency.

Automatically share and route candidates based on their preferences and the hiring need of individual locations. Harver encourages applicants to apply to multiple locations at once, saving them and you valuable time and increasing their chances to get hired.

Reduce new hire turnover

Implement customized Situational Judgment Tests.

Show candidates what to expect through Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) and job previews specifically tailored to your organization. Let them experience the job firsthand to combat future employee turnover.

Treat candidates as customers

Treat your candidates like your best customers.

Harver allows candidates to apply on-the-go, directly from their mobile device, all in under 10 minutes. With a realistic job preview and interactive videos, Harver ensures candidates have a positive experience regardless of whether they are hired or not.

Harver users experience


decreased time to hire


decreased employee turnover


applicant satisfaction rate

“Our candidates are enthusiastic about Harver. We’ve reduced turnover because candidates come with a better understanding of the role.”

Melissa Sloetjes, Corporate Recruiter HMSHost