Harver for Logistics and Supply Chain

Drastically decrease attrition with Harver.

The leading selection platform designed to identify top performing talent for the Logistics and Supply Chain sector.

Logistics recruitment software designed to:

Cut your time to hire in half

Effectively reduce early turnover

Showcase your culture and win over talent

Cut your time to hire in half

Automate tedious parts of the candidate selection process.

Stop losing valuable applicants to slow hiring practices. Screening hundreds of resumes is not only time-consuming, it’s inefficient. Automate the repetitive parts of your hiring process with Harver and cut your time to hire in half.

Effectively reduce early turnover

Manage expectations with a life-like realistic job preview.

The majority of turnover is attributed to unclear job expectations. Show candidates what to expect through Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) and job previews specifically tailored to your organization. Let them experience the job upfront and determine if there’s a mutual fit.

Showcase your culture

Sell candidates on your company and the job.

Create an exciting application experience with interactive video and engaging behavioral assessment games to impress applicants from the start. Showcase your unique culture by your company, team, and values to win over the most qualified workers.

Harver users experience


decreased time to hire


decreased time to fill


candidate satisfaction rate

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