Harver for Remote Work

Spot qualified remote workers from miles away.

The leading selection platform designed for identifying candidates that excel at working from home.

Hire remote workers with software designed to:

Reduce turnover

Hire efficiently

Manage expectations

Drastically reduce turnover

Find candidates with the right set of traits to work remotely.

Working remotely requires discipline, tenacity, and high work standards. Harver allows you to identify the candidates that possess personality and communication skills that are predictive for job-success in remote roles.

See more people in less time

Safely screen candidates all over the world.

Transition to a fully digital interviewing process with one-way virtual interviewing. Get a well-rounded view of every candidate, remotely and at scale, without the hassle of scheduling an interview.

Manage candidate expectations

Provide candidates with a realistic job preview.

Reducing turnover starts by managing expectations for new recruits. Provide candidates with a ‘day in the life’ of a remote worker, while simultaneously measuring if the applicant displays the desired behavior in everyday situations. 

Workforce management

Match candidates to all positions, not just the one they apply for.

Widen your scope. Every applicant that applies to Harver will be matched against all job profiles in your organization, enabling efficient workforce management.

Computer Diagnositcs

Get certainty upfront by testing a candidate’s home equipment.

The Harver System Diagnostics Module serves as a remote hard- and software testing instrument. The SDM assesses someone’s home setup to make sure the right components are in place to run work from home software.

Harver users experience


decreased time to fill


decreased employee turnover


candidate selection rate

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