Volume hiring starts with Harver

The purpose-built solution for fast and efficient, end-to-end digital volume hiring.

A proven approach to volume hiring

Volume hiring is different. That’s why your hiring process needs something different. We’ve built Harver from the ground up to help you overcome the exact challenges you face when hiring at scale. Our volume hiring solution combines data-driven matching, automation, candidate experience and business intelligence to help you hire better candidates fast, fair and at scale.


decrease in employee turnover


decreased time to hire


candidate satisfaction score

Warehouse recruitment software designed to:

Drastically decrease employee turnover

Candidates not knowing what the job entails when they apply is one of main drivers of turnover for warehouse workers.

Harver’s life-like realistic job preview enables candidates to self-select, while simultaneously providing you with best-fit candidates based on data. This unique ‘two-way matching methodology’ drastically decreases employee turnover.

Save countless hours with end-to-end automation

Is your team still manually screening resumes and scheduling interviews? That means you’re wasting countless precious hours!

Automate the manual steps of your hiring process from the ‘apply-stage’ to the ‘hire-stage’ with Harver and see efficiency skyrocket. Harver automates:

Land top candidates by offering job security in 24 hours.

Warehouse workers like to move fast. Whoever offers them a job first, is most likely to make the hire. If you want to win in the competitive warehouse recruitment landscape, hiring speed and efficiency are essential.

Harver enables you to move applicants from the ‘apply’ to ‘offer’ stage in 24 hours, giving you a significant competitive advantage from day one.

Experience a new level of control

In volume hiring, continuous real-time insight into your core KPIs is mission-critical. Harver’s BI-suite ‘Harver Insights’ connects data throughout the stages of the hiring process for an unprecedented level of control.

Auto-progress on hard criteria

Automatically move candidates through hiring stages based on the hard criteria that are important to you.

Actions speak louder than experience

Let behavior drive decision-making with life-like job simulations. Candidates play out situations that occur on the job, so you can hire candidates that display the desired behavior. Fully customized, fully in line with your values.

The right disposition for the role. Every hire.

Eliminate bias from your hiring process

Harver bias insights for retail gives you the ability to spot potential biases across your entire organisation.

Supercharge your current tech stack

Harver acts as an intelligence layer that enhances your current technology setup through smart, seamless integrations.


Hire with Harver for every link of the supply chain

From manufacturing, to logistics and distribution.

Compliance and security at the core

Harver’s enterprise-grade security and rigorous compliance safeguards your critical data.