Volume Hiring

Effortlessly manage thousands of applicants.

Harver is built from the ground up to handle large numbers of applicants and optimize high volume hiring processes.

Streamline your volume hiring process with recruitment software designed to:

Increase efficiency through automation

Identify top talent instantly

Provide a personal touch

Increase efficiency

Easily manage high volumes of applicants.

Automate repetitive aspects of your hiring process so you can take control of your recruitment pipeline. Harver programmatically screens candidate assessment results and ranks candidates for fast decision making, at scale.

Identify top talent

Leverage scientifically validated assessments.

Evaluate candidates using scientifically validated pre-employment assessments customized to your organization. Harver ensures you can collect objective, behavioral data to easily identify top talent for your growing organization.

Provide a personal touch

Deliver a winning candidate experience.

Create a fun and exciting application process to impress candidates from the start. Implement interactive videos to give candidates insight into your company and what it’s like to be a member of the team. Share scores with them afterwards to make sure no candidate leaves empty-handed.

Harver users experience


decreased time to hire


decreased employee turnover


applicant satisfaction rate

“Harver allows us to be data-driven and assess candidates based on skills, while also providing them with more information on our organization and the role.”

Iris de Clerck, Talent Management, Heineken

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