Why Harver?

Gain the ability to hire better – faster. The success of your organization depends on your ability to engage, hire and develop talent faster. And not just any talent – it must be the right fit. Harver’s suite of automated solutions is designed to do just that, enabling you to hire better and faster.

Three ways Harver optimizes talent decisions at speed

Intelligent automation
works overtime

Automation can accelerate the hiring process, but only if it’s truly intelligent – and tailored. Harver applies intelligent automation – customized to your needs and preferences – from application through hiring, empowering you to make talent decisions faster while reducing your workload.

Data-driven insights
quickly narrow the field

We’ve processed over 100 million candidates, and analyzing this data enables us to predict what makes a great candidate stock for any given role. These insights help you zero in on people you can count on to fit your needs today – and who can grow their careers with you.

We’re experts in the
science of people

We know people are much more than their resumes. So, our team of psychologists leverage decades of industrial-organizational and cognitive science to work with you to deploy validated assessments that drive efficient, high-quality talent decisions in an unbiased way.

A partner that delivers
on all counts

Better hiring outcomes

With talent decisions made based on data and scientific insights, you ensure the right people are hired into the right roles and that they stay in the job after being hired. Use fast and engaging assessments to effectively predict candidate performance and reduce turnover. Quality talent decisions – at speed.

Faster, lower-cost hiring

By optimizing the hiring and talent decision process, you cut out bottlenecks and manual steps that waste time and cost money – and you’ll decrease your time to hire with our suite of assessments, automated interview scheduling, and a best-in-class reference-checking solution.

Support for the full talent lifecycle

The same solutions for improving hiring can also drive talent management, mobility and development to increase the tenure and impact of every employee. Support coaching and upskilling with assessment results, development reports and resources you’ve created and uploaded.

Measurable return on your investment

Talent acquisition is one of the only functions that can drive top-line growth and bottom-line profitability at the same time. With Harver’s business intelligence and visibility into critical talent acquisition metrics – such as time to hire, candidate drop-off, employee retention and more – you’ll have all the data you need to connect talent acquisition programs to key business metrics.

Unbiased hiring

Creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce requires an unbiased process, and Harver makes this a reality. Harver assessments are built to help you minimize bias, enabling you to match the right candidates to the right roles by identifying and assessing the right mix of job-related skills. You can then apply a structured and equitable interview process with guides that help you mitigate human bias. Finally, you can check references with the most accessible reference checker available. Every step of the hiring process is optimized to reduce bias and hire fairly.

The single source for all your hiring needs

Harver supports you in all aspects of talent decision-making, whether you’re hiring entry-level people or experienced professionals, building a more diverse workforce, or developing and reskilling talent throughout the organization.

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