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people the face of
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Harver brings you predictive preselection


Harver’s TalentPitch predicts exactly who will perform best.

Do you need to make sure you are hiring the best people in the most effective way? Let each applicant experience the job in a fun online environment, while Harver scientifically measures their chances of succeeding in your organization.

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"Thanks to these tools we have reduced unwanted turnover significantly and we now save a lot of time and money."

-Marceline Beijer, CEO arvato Bertelsmann

"Since the start of the Swisscom TalentPitch, the quality of the calls have increased tremendously and we have decreased the time it takes to hire."

-Sabrina Köppel, HR Specialist Swisscom

“Hiring is now based on the qualities of the applicant, no longer on his / her resume. That is what the TalentPitch changed for applicants.”

-Kim Hipke, Corporate Recruiter Vodafone

"The TalentPitch helps ASR to attract people that make a difference in customer contact: service oriented, helpful and with the ability to find the right solutions for our customers."

-Marjolein Postma, Senior Recruiter a.s.r.

"The use of Harver's TalentPitch enables us to attract better candidates. Through TalentPitch we have gained the ability to map the capabilities of candidates from a less obvious (recruitment)target group."

-Matthijs van der Linden, recruitment intelligence specialist CAK.

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