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Our Customer Experience

A decrease in employee
turnover rates up to 70%.

Up to a 300% increase
in quality of hire.

Up to 90% decrease in
time spent per hire.

Their Candidate Experience

87% Satisfied applicants
even after rejection.

91% found the hiring experience
engaging and easy to complete.

92% of hired applicants found
expectations met post-hiring.

Fully AutomateYour Pre-hiring
and Selection Process.

Automate laborious parts of your pre-hiring and selection process. Take charge of your candidate inflow and give your team the tools they need to focus on what really matters.

True Data-driven Hiring,
No More Talent Waste.

No more need to read thousands of applications:
Harver’s AI matching technology pairs job and candidate profiles and simply provides you with the data necessary to make infallible hiring decisions.

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Optimal Candidate

Modernize your candidate experience and treat your applicants as customers. Keep your best talents in the pipeline. Let applicants apply in a fun way. Show them your brand, culture and the job through videos, interactive situational judgment games and more.

Seamless ATS integration

Harver integrates seamlessly with all
Major ATS’s. Synchronize systems,
Zap harver data straight into your
ATS and optimize your
Recruitment cycle.

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