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Improved Time to Hire

“What normally would take us five months now takes only two!”


Candidate Experience Score

“We are excited that we have been able to build an application process that creates a positive experience for our applicants.”


Increase in Quality of Hire

“The quality of interviews has increased tremendously!”

Recruitment Automation

Automate tedious parts of your pre-hiring and selection process

Automate laborious parts of your pre-hiring and selection process and decrease time-to-hire. Take charge of your candidate inflow and give your team the tools they need to focus on what really matters.

True data-driven hiring, no more talent waste

No more need to read thousands of applications: Harver’s AI matching technology pairs job and candidate profiles and simply provides you with the data necessary to make infallible hiring decisions.

Build your own custom candidate experience

Modernize your candidate experience and treat your applicants as customers. Let applicants apply in a fun way! Show them your brand, culture and the job through videos, interactive situational judgment games and more.

Integrates with your favorite software

Technically Integrate Harver with your ATS or recruitment system, or use our free browser extension HarverX to fully automate your hiring process from end to end.

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