Cultural Fit Assessment

Measure a candidate’s cultural fit preference
and compare it to your organizational culture

Start assessing culture fit in minutes

Navigate to the Harver marketplace, drag and drop the Cultural Fit assessment-module into your hiring flow and start hiring for culture fit.

Walk through the setup and assess your organization’s culture. Add a background image to highlight your unique culture and you’re off.

Cultural Fit Assessment

Score cultural fit in a scientifically validated way

The Harver cultural fit module compares a candidate’s preference for an organizational culture, with the actual culture in place at your organization.

The module consists of a validated questionnaire that assesses a candidate’s culture preference across six key dimensions of organizational culture.

Enrich your hiring decisions with factual data for infallible hiring decisions. 

Combine the cultural fit assessment module with additional Harver modules and build a powerful, unique and data-driven hiring process where your candidates get a fun experience, and you get the data.

Sounds complex? Our consultants will help you build the process and interpret the data from start to finish.

Organizational Fit Assessment

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