Multitasking Test

Assess multitasking abilities
in a gamified way

Add multitasking games to your
assessment process in an instant

Navigate to the Harver marketplace, drag and drop
the multitasking module into your hiring flow
and you’re good to go.

Change background images to make sure the assessment
reflects your brand, and start assessing multitasking

Multitasking Test

Candidates play games. You get data!

The multitasking module includes two skill games that assess short term memory and challenge candidates on their ability to switch tasks rapidly.

With Harver, multitasking skills are tested both in a visual and alphanumerical manner using gamified assessments.

Enrich your hiring decisions with multitasking assessment data and more

Let the multitasking assessment data assisst you in your hiring decisions and get rid of biased and gut feeling decision making.

Combine the multitasking module with any of the other Harver modules available to supercharge your hiring.

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