15 Best Career Page Examples

Career Page Examples

We don’t need to stress the importance of your career page again. You know it’s crucial when it comes to getting the right candidates in and all that. But being aware of something and actually putting that knowledge into practice are two different things. As easy as it may seem to optimize your career page, in reality, there is – a lot – to think about. It always starts with a clear strategy or in this case perhaps more of a vision, of what you want it to look like. An idea about the visuals you like to use, the tone of voice, the elements you want to highlight and, of course, the way to get those visitors converted into applicants.       

It may not be easy to imagine beforehand how exactly all these different pieces will fit together into a visually stunning and powerful career page. Luckily, there are plenty of great examples out there to help you get inspired. We’ve selected 15 of the best career pages so you can see what the possibilities are and use the inspiration to start building your own.

Quick overview of the best career page examples

  1. Hubspot
  2. Nike
  3. Warner Bros.
  4. Netflix
  5. Hotjar
  6. Virgin
  7. Red Bull
  8. Tinder
  9. Zappos
  10. TransferWise
  11. SpaceX
  12. Salesforce
  13. Ubisoft
  14. Booking.com
  15. Slack

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Let’s start!


The company: Hubspot develops and markets software products for inbound marketing and sales.

Hubspot’s Career Page: What we love 

The first thing you see when you’re on the Hubspot career page is the company’s culture code. A document that’s part manifesto, part employee handbook as they say so themselves. Visitors can easily browse through the culture code and by doing so get a fairly good idea about the organization’s values, goals, and quirkiness. In other words: the company culture.

Hubspot Culture Code Slideshare

Hubspot’s culture code can be found on the career page in the form of a neat slide deck

Next up are the various teams: marketing, sales, customer success, finance & accounting, you name it.

Career page visitors can simply select the team(s) they’re interested in. Once they’ve done that, they’ll get a taste of what it is like to be, let’s say, a Customer Success employee at Hubspot.

There is the team mission of course, but there are also videos of current team members, a ‘day in the life of’ including a video, behind the scene pictures, Glassdoor testimonials of Hubspot staff and – an important part of any career page – the current job openings in the department.

Go here to check out Hubspot’s career page.


The company: Nike, Inc. sells athletic apparel, footwear and equipment, but the company is much more than that. Its activities involve design, development, manufacturing, and marketing and sales of its products and services around the world.   

Nike’s Career Page: What we love

Nike’s career page starts with the company’s mission statement. In short: to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. And everyone who has a body is an athlete.

The entire page breaths sports and elements that refer to a sporty jargon are plenty, like the ‘Find your fit’ header to go with the job openings for example. There’s no culture book but the company’s most important values – innovation, diversity, inclusion and the famous ‘let’s do it’ mentality – are impossible to miss.

Nike Job Page

Nike’s career page reflects the core values of the company, one of which is diversity and inclusion.

Go here to check out Nike’s career page.

Warner Bros.

The company: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. is an American entertainment company. It is a division of Time Warner and also one of the “Big Six” major American film studios.

Warner Bros.’s Career Page: What we love

The first thing you see when you hit the Warner Bros. career page is ‘Find your next great role’ (beautifully in sync with the company’s film business jargon) followed by a search field. An effective way for people who know what job they’re looking for to get there straight away.

Warner Bros Career Page

Find your next great role – perfectly in sync with the organization

Those who don’t know (yet) if they want to work at Warner Bros. can get a taste of ‘WB Life’ as they call it: information about compensation and benefits, learning & development, employee wellness and more. They can also read some of the employee testimonials on the career page and – clever detail – if they’re not ready to make a move yet, there’s the option to follow Warner Bros. on LinkedIn to stay connected.

Go here to check out Warner Bros.’s career page.


The company: Netflix is an American entertainment company that specializes in and provides streaming services.

Netflix’s Career Page: What we love

As is to be expected from a company that creates great films and TV series, the videos on the Netflix career page are bloody good. They feature employees, but also talks about topics such as Women in Tech @ Netflix and watching them is like watching a mini-documentary.

Netflix Career Page Snippet

Netflix displays beautiful culture videos.

Besides the videos, you’ll find a section about company culture and – an interesting feature – a picture of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings linking to the organization’s view for the future.  

To watch those videos, go here.

The state of diversity recruiting in 2020

Defining the path that corporate diversity and inclusion will follow in the near future, The State of Diversity Recruiting white paper dives into relevant emerging trends and discusses example cases throughout every stage of the recruitment funnel.


The company: Hotjar helps its clients to understand their web and mobile site users through analytics and feedback.  

Hotjar’s Career Pages: What we love

What’s one of the biggest annoyances for candidates during a recruitment process? The lack of clarity. They don’t know how many stages they have to go through or what each stage entails.

Hotjar takes this pain point away before people even apply. On the company’s career page, there is a five-stage recruitment process timeline that shows potential candidates exactly what they have to do in every phase.

Hotjar Recruitment Process

A lack of transparency is not an issue when applying at Hotjar.

Another great feature on the Hotjar career page is the short video that illustrates exactly what it is the company does. You know, just in case a job seeker wasn’t sure or to make sure they know what business they apply to.

Check out Hotjar’s career page here.  


The company: Virgin Group Ltd. is a British multinational corporation venture capital conglomerate active in numerous different industries including media, airlines, wines, travel and more.

Virgin’s Career Page: What we love

When your company consists of as many different sub-companies as Virgin does, you need to have a well-organized career page to keep a handle on things. A ‘Jobs of the week’ post that features the company-wide job openings in a single overview is a good way to do so.

Virgin Job Page

You can view jobs week by week at Virgin.

Go here for Virgin’s career page.

Red Bull

The company: Red Bull GmbH is an Austrian company well-known for its Red Bull energy drink. The company also sponsors a range of (extreme) sporting events and teams, including F1.

Red Bull’s Career Page: What we love

The thing that’s most different from (a lot of the) other career pages out there is probably the first paragraph:

We don’t have videos of smiling employees enjoying free lunches and bean bags in colorfully painted offices. Instead, please judge us by the quality and professionalism of what we produce across our many products and projects.

This immediately gives you a feel for the company and its culture, no further explanations necessary: at Red Bull, they are (very) serious about what they do, and always looking at how things can be done better.

RedBull career page slogan

Red Bull’s career page tagline displays its culture perfectly.

Go here to find out how to grow wings.


The company: Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app, which has quickly become a popular app for meeting new people. It allows users to like or dislike other users, and connects users who are both interested.

Tinder’s Career Page: What we love

The Tinder career page is very simple but effective. For starters, there’s a video in which employees tell you about the company, what it is about and how they experience life at Tinder.

Then there are the company’s (core) values: passion, purpose, and something to prove with a short explanation accompanying each value followed by a pink ‘join our team’ button.

Tinder Career Page Accolades

Also nice: Tinder displays the effects of its business on the career page. Motivating indeed!

Go here and see ‘Careers’.


The company: Zappos.com is an online shoe and clothing retailer based in Las Vegas.

Zappos’ Career Page: What we love

Zappos keeps things straightforward on its career page. You can choose between three different sections (why Zappos, explore our teams and Q&A) if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

There are quite a few employee videos in which different Zapponians answer questions such as ‘What does a typical day at Zappos look like’ and ‘What does it take to be successful at Zappos’.  

For those who think of Zappos an option for ‘someday’, there’s the option to become a Zappos Insider. As such, they stay in touch with the company… and Zappos has a talent pool to try and fish future Zapponians from.

Zappos Insider Banner

Like the company but not ready to work at Zappos just yet? Become a Zappos insider!

Go here for the Zappos career page.


The company: TransferWise is peer-to-peer money transfer service launched in January 2011. It originated in Estonia but is currently based in the UK.

TransferWise’s Career Page: What we love

As soon as you hit the TransferWise career page it’s clear what you’ll be joining: a revolution. A company that is ‘flipping a gazillion dollar industry on its head’ and that means looking for entrepreneurial spirits to support the change.

For those who are immediately convinced there’s the ‘See all roles’ button to get started right away.

Transferwise Job Page

Positive, irreversible change. Talking about taglines with impact!

The rest of the page is full of videos with employees from different departments telling you about the company (culture), their role and future ambitions. Job seekers also get a peek into the life at TransferWise and can access employee reviews on Glassdoor.   

Go here to check out the TransferWise career page.


The company: Space Exploration Technologies Corp., better known as SpaceX, is a private-owned aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company, based in the US.

SpaceX’s Career Page: What we love

At SpaceX, they know how to trigger their target candidates: feature an image of four planets – Mars included – with the words ‘The Road to the Red Planet’. That’s literally all you need to attract the top level engineers that can help you reach your ultimate goal: enable human life on Mars.

Space X Career Page Example

Road to the red planet.. What more do you need to hit that ‘apply’ button?

For the SpaceX career page, the key to success is less is more. A few impressive images, a few well-written lines about the company’s mission and impossible goals and that’s it. The lesson that is to be learned here? Adapt your career page to your target audience.

Go here for the road to the Red Planet.


The company: Salesforce is a leading company in customer relationship management (CRM) and Software as a Service (Saas). It provides software solutions and enterprise cloud computing.  

Salesforce’s Career Page: What we love

The videos, the company values, the employee testimonials, it’s all there. But what makes this career page even more valuable for potential applicants is the part where the hiring process gets explained. Step by step and with actual tips such as what information to include on a resume and what resources to check before an interview with Salesforce.

Salesforce Career Page Example

Salesforce manages a candidate’s expectations upfront. Transparency goes a long way!

Go here to meet the #SalesforceOhana.


The company: Ubisoft is a video game creator originally from France. It is known for games like Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Rayman, Far Cry, Watch Dogs and many others.

Ubisoft’s Career Page: What we love

The Ubisoft career page is exactly what you’d expect from a video game design company: there are images of their heroes, videos featuring ‘A year in the world of Ubisoft’ – showing some pretty spectacular stuff – and other videos showing you snippets of what it’s like to work in the company’s ‘Gameplay Programming’ department for instance.

They really manage to let their career page reflect the passion they have for designing awesome video games in a fun and engaging way.

Ubisoft Job Page

Check out the Ubisoft career page here.


The company: Booking.com is the world’s number one platform to book (travel) accommodation.

Booking’s Career Page: What we love

Booking is very good at making clear what it is they do through every little detail on their career page. From the ‘Find your next career destination’ at the top of the page to the ‘Reasons to check-in’ (listing company’s values) and the general layout of the page that is very similar to the page customers use for their bookings.

Booking.com Job Search Example

Searching for a job works the same way as searching for a place to stay in a foreign country.

Go here to find your next destination.


The company: Fewer meetings, instant messaging, less internal email, all your tools integrated. That’s Slack in a nutshell.

Slack’s Career Page: What we love

At Slack, they’re on a mission to make working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive – for everyone. The company’s career page is a reflection of just that: fun, colorful pictures of employees, emoticons to go with the company’s core values and the same casual tone they use in their application.

Slack Career Images

A simpler, more pleasant and more productive life. Slack reflects its values in the visual style of it’s their career page.

Go here for Slack’s career page.

Got Inspired?

Well, there you have it, 15 of the best career pages out there to use as an example. The main thing to take away from this article though is to always keep in mind what you’re target candidates are and what your company culture is. Based on these elements, you can start to create a career page that reflects your organization. Can’t wait to get started? Read our blogpost with 24 easy-to-implement tips to optimize your own career page.

The state of diversity recruiting in 2020

Defining the path that corporate diversity and inclusion will follow in the near future, The State of Diversity Recruiting white paper dives into relevant emerging trends and discusses example cases throughout every stage of the recruitment funnel.

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March 15, 2022

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