13 Best Career Pages Of 2019

Best Career Pages 2019

One of the first impressions a new hire has of your brand is likely your career page.

Career pages have become a key factor for companies hoping to attract talent and build a successful employer brand. In fact, two-thirds of job seekers visit a company career page after learning about a job opening.

Career page conversion rates are also important. The average career page converts at around 18%, meaning a quality career page can get more potential hires applying.

We’ve found 13 of the best career pages of 2019 to get inspired and building one of your own!

What’s in?

  1. PayScale
  2. Zillow
  3. The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated
  4. Box
  5. Canva
  6. Yext
  7. Foot Locker
  8. Crowe
  9. Old Navy
  10. FedEx
  11. Stryker
  12. Netflix
  13. Zappos

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1. PayScale

The company: PayScale is a website which provides information about salary, benefits, and compensation.

What we love about the PayScale career page: Right off the bat, PayScale positions themselves as a fun place to work. Their career page highlights the importance of their employees’ work-life balance, along with a whole section on benefits and perks.

Payscale Life

The “available jobs” section is a live feed that’s broken down into Job Title, Department, and Location. This is super handy for potential hires that want to skim without having to open up every single opening.

PayScale sprinkles its company culture throughout the page’s copy. They make it clear that their employees will: 

  • Feel empowered to make a difference
  • Be inspired to bring innovation to employee compensation
  • Work in an environment that encourages new ideas and promotes ownership and experimentation
  • Be supported to be truly creative and be themselves

Oh, and they let employees bring their dog to work. So their career page gets a thumbs up from us.

Payscale Careers

Go here to check out PayScale’s career page.

2. Zillow

The company: Zillow is an online real estate database where you can search millions of listings and compare home values.

What we love about the Zillow career page: It’s super slick and user-friendly. Firstly, there is a section where job seekers can search for available roles by location and job-type.

They also have a clear culture code on the initial career page and real-life quotes from current employees on what it’s like to work at Zillow.

Zillow Careers

But what makes the Zillow career page stand out is the “Equity & Belonging” section that they’ve built.

When you click on the section, it screams inclusivity and belonging.

But it’s not all fluff—it’s shown in cold, hard facts.

Zillow has gathered all of their workplace statistics and put them into graphs. It shows potential hires that the company takes equality, pay, and ethnicity gaps seriously. And they’re making a conscious effort to reduce those gaps.

Zillow Diversity

Go here to check out Zillow’s career page.

3. The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated

The company: The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated is a restaurant company and cheesecake distributor that operates 210 full-service restaurants.

What we love about The Cheesecake Factory career page: They make it so easy for potential hires to reach out.

The Cheesecake Factory has gone a step above the “email us if you have a question” option on their career page. Not only have they installed a chatbot on the site, but there is also an FAQ section so job seekers can get their questions answered immediately.

CheesecakeFactory Chatbot

But what sets The Cheesecake Factory’s page apart is their “Refer a Friend” section. It’s a simple yet genius idea. If a potential hire decides that they’re not a good fit for the job, they can refer their friend instead.

CheesecakeFactory Referrals

Go here to check out The Cheesecake Factory’s career page.

4. Box

The company: Box is a cloud content management service where businesses can share and manage their content.

What we love about the Box career page: One word—Culture!

Box communicates its mission for its employees across four different sections on its career page: 

  • Life at Box
  • Opportunities for students
  • Communities
  • Benefits
Box Company Culture

The career page isn’t massive, though. Instead, Box made a video that walks through how their product helps everyday businesses reach their goals.

The page is built with usability in mind. Potential hires can navigate between the available job roles, company benefits, and even save any jobs they like the look of and come back to them later.

Go here to check out Box’s career page.

5. Canva 

The company: Canva is a graphic design tool website that allows users to build graphics using a drag-and-drop format.

What we love about the Canva career page: Canva approaches its career page like it approaches selling its products.

Everything is broken down into why you should work for them, their hiring process, and employee testimonials to drive their points home.

Canva Careers

To make their career offerings less overwhelming, they split the content up into team sections. This makes it easier for job-hunters to pick jobs that are relevant to their skillset.

Unsurprisingly, the website is visually stunning. But the company also manages to succinctly support a job seeker by offering up information like their hiring process, their company culture, and even some tips for applying.

Canva FAQ

Go here to check out Canva’s career page.

6. Yext

The company: Yext is a technology company that offers brand updates using its cloud-based network of apps and search engines.

What we love about the Yext career page: It’s really interactive! Each team in the company has made a video, which gives job hunters a real-life peek into what the roles look like.

These videos give the viewer a break down of the company’s mission, successes, hiring process, and culture. What packs a punch is each video has a ton of employees sharing their experiences, not just one of two managers talking about how great the company is.

Yext Videos

Once again, usability also makes the career page stand out. Yext has built up sub-pages so job hunters can take a deeper dive into events, webinars, company objectives, and job listings.

Yext also works hard on its diversity and inclusivity, which is evident at the bottom of the page. This section also focuses on videos to describe their equality mission not only with its employees but their customers as well.

Yext Values

Go here to check out Yext’s career page.

The state of diversity recruiting in 2020

Defining the path that corporate diversity and inclusion will follow in the near future, The State of Diversity Recruiting white paper dives into relevant emerging trends and discusses example cases throughout every stage of the recruitment funnel.

7. Foot Locker

The company: Foot Locker is a sportswear and footwear retailer that has stores in 28 countries.

What we love about the Foot Locker career page: Firstly, it has a separate domain – “Sneaker Jobs”.

Job seekers who click on the page arrive at a custom-built page. It’s broken into different sections that look at the company’s values and job openings.

Footlocker Careers

What’s really cool about the Foot Locker career page is that it encourages job seekers to think about what makes them a good fit for the company. They have an in-built “career test” that helps potential new hires to answer questions about their skillset and ambitions.

At the end of the test, they’re presented with a list of job roles that match up with their skills and ambitions at Foot Locker. What a fun way to get new hires excited about working at your company!

Footlocker Job Match

Go here to check out Foot Locker’s career page.

8. Crowe

The company: Crowe is a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm that has offices around the world.

What we love about the Crowe career page: Straight away, job seekers know it’s an excellent place to work. How? Well, it’s pretty clear from the “Fortune 100 best companies to work for” badge on the top of the page.

Secondly, the page is very user-friendly without being overbearing. Its layout encourages job seekers to have a look around at the available careers and company culture at their own place by offering up information on their blog, as well as linking out to their social media accounts. This gives potential hires all the tools they need to get an organic feel of the company without the company telling them how good their culture is.

Also, we love how careers are split into “student” and “experienced” sections.

Crowe Careers

As a student or recent graduate, a lot of jobs on sites might seem intimidating and out-of-reach. Because Crowe has sectioned these off, it makes it easier for students to navigate what positions are suited to them (that they have a chance of landing).

Go here to check out Crowe’s career page.

9. Old Navy

The company: Old Navy is a clothing and accessories company owned by a multinational giant, Gap Inc.

What we love about the Old Navy career page: We love that each section of the Old Navy career page has a real purpose.

At the top of the page, there is a “Search Jobs” toolbar where job seekers can search for jobs based on industry and geographical location. But under this, Old Navy does an excellent job at explaining their company culture, core values, and benefits/perks using a bunch of different media forms.

For example, directly under the job search toolbar, there is a video that explains what the company is about and why it’s a good place to work—from their employees’ perspectives.

And under that, the company’s benefits and perks are clearly outlined.

Old Navy Benefits

Of course, these are all “must-haves” on a career page, but Old Navy goes a step further with an “#insideoldnavy” section, as well as highlighting their focus on diversity and inclusion focus. Every week, the career page publishes a new story from the perspective of a current employee on why the company is a great choice, and what makes them #oldnavyproud.

Old Navy Newsroom

Go here to check out Old Navy’s career page.

10. FedEx 

The company: FedEx is a multinational courier delivery services company with over 400,000 employees.

What we love about the FedEx career page: It’s all about creating a “family” working culture.

The top half of the career page focuses on building up a sense of belonging that comes along with being part of the company. It features videos on how the company encourages employees to make a difference and be the best versions of themselves – both in and out of the workplace.

FedEx Careers

Underneath that, FedEx’s featured jobs are split up into different sections. It’s a small but essential touch, as the company has hundreds of jobs going at any one time. It makes it easier for a job seeker to filter through them and will save them a bunch of time.

Last but not least, their job page toolbar deserves a shoutout. Like the other companies on our list, FedEx focuses on diversity and culture on its “I am FedEx” page. But it’s the military page that also stands out.

The company has built a whole page dedicated to military veterans, and helping them transition back into (or start) a corporate working career. All the veteran has to do is punch in their military occupation code, and they’ll be shown a list of available jobs suited to their skillset.

FedEx for Veterans

Go here to check out FedEx’s career page.

11. Stryker 

The company: Stryker is a Fortune 500 medical technologies firm that builds implants used in joint replacement and trauma surgeries.

What we love about the Stryker career page: It’s a website inside of a website. It’s clear that Stryker takes its recruitment process seriously, and has invested some serious cash building their page and breaking up into more digestible sections like:

  • Why work here?
  • Our inclusive culture
  • College recruitment
  • U.S Military Recruitment
  • About Us
  • Blog
Stryker Careers

We love this because the company has a lot of information it wants its recruits to consider. But, instead of overwhelming them it all on a single page, they’ve made it so job seekers can work through each page and decide what matters to them before applying.

The “Why Work Here?” page is exceptionally well done. It has the usual suspects (culture, work environment, benefits/perks), but it also has a fantastic section on growth opportunities.

Stryker Growth

It reinforces to the job seeker that not only is growth available at the company, but it’s actively encouraged. As the company is in the medical field (which is incredibly competitive), a small but powerful section like this can do a lot to encourage job seekers that Stryker is the right fit for them.

Go here to check out Stryker’s career page.

12. Netflix

The company: Netflix is an American entertainment company that specializes in providing streaming services.

What we love about the Netflix career page: To be honest, if Netflix didn’t have a bunch of kick-ass videos on their career page, we would be disappointed. Don’t worry; they have a lot.

But what they also have is great copy. The career page is clear and concise on the company’s responsibility, culture, and expectations.

Netflix Careers

Beyond the “must-haves” (like their inclusion & diversity stance, life at Netflix, and work/life philosophy pages), one of the other parts about the page that stands out are the blogs at the bottom.

Featured are a “Tech Blog” and a “Company Blog”.

Netflix Blog

You might be thinking, well, what makes this feature important? In fact, a lot of employees at Netflix are developers and software engineers who live and breathe tech. This is why they would be looking to work for a world-leading company like Netflix in the first place. Having a tech blog at the bottom of their page reinforces them as an authority in the tech space. But it also says to budding developers… “Hey, this is what we are working towards in tech right now. Want to be a part of it?”.

Go here to check out Netflix’s career page.

13. Zappos

The company: Zappos is an online shoe and clothing retailer owned by Amazon.

What we love about the Zappos career page: Damn, doesn’t working at Zappos look like a ton of fun?

Their career page is a perfect reflection of the values at the company: delivering happiness, embracing change, and creating fun.

Zappos Careers

Firstly, the website easy to navigate. Each team (marketing, technology, merchandising, etc.) has a dedicated page with a detailed breakdown of what the roles are and testimonials from current employees.

But our favorite section Zappos’ career page? It has to be the invite to “Become an Insider”.

Zappos Insider

It’s a fun way for people who think they might want to work for Zappos in the future to show their interest. Think of it as a digital resume drop-off point.

“Zappos Insiders are simply people who might want to work for Zappos someday… now, tomorrow or sometime down the road,” the section says.

“It’s like a special membership for people who want to stay in touch with us, learn more about our fun, zany culture, know what’s happening at our company, get special insider perspectives and receive team-specific updates from the areas you’re most interested in.”

We love it!

Go here to check out Zappos’ career page.

A standout career page = more applications

As a business owner, you know that your company’s website is how your world views (and judges) your brand.

How future employees look at your career page is no different. In fact, over 90% of job seekers find “poorly managed or designed online properties damaging to an employer brand”.

If you want to attract top talent, you have to show that talent that you’re worth considering as a future employer. Providing your potential candidates with a great experience on your career page can fuel their curiosity, encourage them to apply, and score you a perfect new hire.

The state of diversity recruiting in 2020

Defining the path that corporate diversity and inclusion will follow in the near future, The State of Diversity Recruiting white paper dives into relevant emerging trends and discusses example cases throughout every stage of the recruitment funnel.



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