Watch and Earn: Better Hiring Solutions for Retail and Hospitality Growth

How to Hire Better Employees To Fuel Retail and Hospitality Industry Growth 2023

For some industries like retail and hospitality, 2023 can be a significant growth year. The National Retail Federation forecasts 4-6% retail sales growth this year. On the dining side, the National Restaurant Association projects 2023 restaurant sales to reach nearly $1 trillion dollars.

But there is a catch. To achieve your organization’s share of this growth, you need to hire and retain the best fits as fast as possible. So how can you assess skills for retail employees or assess for fast food worker skills?

Watch our new video to see how Harver’s hiring solutions enable your organization to engage, identify, and retain the best hires for retail and hospitality roles:

Why Harver for retail hiring and hospitality hiring?

Harver’s comprehensive suite of talent solutions make it fast and easy to hire for retail, restaurant, and other in-demand hourly roles. As shown in the video above, leading employers rely on Harver to help them hire better, faster.

Here are just some of the solutions your organization can implement to improve your selection process for hiring retail, restaurant, and other roles:

  • Branded videos that engage candidates and showcase your workplace culture
  • Assessments to identify candidates with the most important customer service attributes
  • Realistic job previews to reduce attrition and improve candidate satisfaction
  • Helpful screening with multi location selection and preferred availability
  • Virtual interviews and automated scheduling to streamline centralized or decentralized staffing
  • Robust dashboard insights to inform business decisions
  • ATS integrations to streamline workflows for recruiting teams and hiring managers

For higher volume hourly hiring, maintaining productivity and level of service isn’t just a hiring challenge. It’s also about retaining the good fit employees you competed to hire in the first place. After all, the 2023 hospitality industry turnover rate is the highest among all industries.

2023 quit rates for the retail and hospitality industires

That’s where realistic job previews and candidate-friendly features like multi-location selection come in. They help to strengthen two-way matching by managing expectations and providing a more convenient candidate experience.

Hiring better, faster for hourly roles

Need to reach 4-6% retail sales growth or increase your share of nearly $1 trillion in hospitality sales this year? Now that you’ve watched our video above, you can learn more about pre-hire assessments, hiring workflow automation, and more.

Schedule a call to tell us more about your business needs. Our experts will answer any questions you have about better, faster hiring for retail, hospitality, and other roles.

Keith Leong

Keith Leong

Posted on:
August 25, 2023

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