19 Best Recruiting Conferences To Go To In 2020

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Recruiting Conferences 2020

Recruiting conferences are one of the best resources talent acquisition managers and recruiting professionals should draw upon to hear about what’s new in our industry and to learn about exciting technology advances, as well as network with thought leaders and other professionals in the recruiting field.

Saying that, while there are a large number of recruiting conferences out there that you could attend, we have narrowed that list to the world’s 19 best recruiting conferences (in our humble opinion). And with so many new conferences being announced all the time, we aim to treat this list as an organic document to be added to and amended throughout 2020.

So don’t take the list verbatim – it is subject to change. And while the majority of these conferences are at the pricier end of the price range, we’ve also included more budget-friendly options to ensure everyone can join. We’re all in this together after all, so if you think we’ve missed any out or you would like one included, please do let us know.

So, without further ado – if you work in the recruitment industry and you’re looking for recruiting conferences and events to attend in 2020, check out our list of the best recruiting conferences taking place this year (all around the world).

Many events have to make adjustments and go virtual, get postponed or cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We’re keeping track of the changes for you!

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Tru Logo#truBySea – Brighton

When: 23 January 2020

Where: Brighton, UK

Price: From £19.99

From its humble beginnings back in 2009, this ‘unconference’ has been the place for recruitment and HR professionals, recruitment thought leaders, hiring managers and just about anyone with an interest in recruitment to come together and share ideas about the industry and what we can do to make it better. There are no speakers or badges or presentations, instead, there are facilitated discussions led by leaders where everyone is encouraged to participate in a topic they have expertise or an interest in. 

Get your tickets here.

Inclusive Hiring LogoInclusive.Hiring

When: 30 January 2020

Where: London, UK

Price: £5

Torin Ellis told RecFest that if anyone had a voice, they should speak up. And so we are proud to include the inaugural Diversity, Equality and Inclusion event, Inclusive Hiring 2020, into our list of the best recruiting conferences to attend in 2020. This really is a unique spin on the traditional recruiting conference, and with world-renowned speakers and best in class workshops, this is the inclusive conference you don’t want to miss.

Join the waitlist here.

Talent Summit New LogoTalent Summit

When: 4 March 2020 

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Price: TBD

Talent Summit is one of the largest HR & Leadership conferences in Europe. It showcases the latest thinking on pertinent talent topics faced globally and has a mission to share thought leadership on talent to enable workplaces to build better teams and encourage enhanced working lives in an increasingly complex world of work.

Register here.

Recruitment 4.0 LogoRecruitment 4.0

When: 4 March 2020

Where: London, UK

Price: Free for executives in staffing, £1,500 for others (i.e. suppliers or R2R)

Recruitment 4.0 is a revolution in the way recruitment happens. This year’s conference will reflect the changing nature of recruitment and the adoption of tech into recruiting to better enable sourcing, managing and placing of candidates with clients. 

Register here.

RecBuzz LogoRecBuzz Conference

When: 23-24 April 2020

Where: The RecBuzz Conference is going virtual! Keep an eye on their website for all the details.

Price: From €799

A new name and a change of venue, and RecPlus is now RecBuzz. This is a conference with endless networking opportunities and a place for top-level execs from the world of recruitment advertising and tech companies to come together to learn, network and explore the changes that are happening in recruitment. You’ll hear from the best of the best, including major job boards, tech providers, as well as startups and investors.

Register here.

SourceConSourceCon Europe 2020

When: 14-15 May 2020 The event has been cancelled.

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Price: From €556.50

SourceCon Europe is solving sourcing issues. You’ll hear success stories, real-life solutions and make genuine connections at this conference. Held in Lisbon this year, this is the third European SourceCon and promises to be the best one yet. From hackathons to innovation labs, this event is perfect for those looking to adopt a more innovative approach to their recruiting.

Register here.

Recfest 2020 Logo

RecFest 2020

When: 9-10 July 2020 10-11 September 2020

Where: London, UK

Price: From £200

Dubbed “the largest independent talent acquisition event on the planet”, RecFest 2020 is a relaxed yet engaging 2-day event that aims to help TA professionals upskill and motivate themselves, as well as meet new people. You can attend presentations of over 100 speakers on 5 stages and also join the RecFestRocks afterparty.

Register here.

SOSUSourcing Summit Europe 2020

When: 7-8 October 2020

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: From €495

This event invites “risk takers, game changers, people finders, tool tinkerers and talent geeks” i.e. recruiters from all over Europe, to come together for the Sourcing Summit in 2020. Join with the sharpest minds in sourcing and learn first hand what the current challenges, latest trends, and opportunities that are shaping talent acquisition are. If you can’t make the event in Amsterdam, you can always buy a digital pass to access all the talks at the summit.

Register here.

Tech RecTech Rec Berlin

When: 30 November – 1 December 2020

Where: Berlin, Germany

Price: From €2,695

Tech Rec Berlin is the recruiting conference navigating the war for talent in software and tech recruiting. Practitioner-driven, this event is focused on attracting, recruiting and retaining tech talent. Expect to garner insights into best practices, current challenges facing tech recruiting, know-hows, dos and don’ts of talent acquisition and discover the next generation of tech recruiting.

Get tickets here.


United States

SRSCSocial Recruiting Strategies Conference

When: 28-30 January 2020

Where: San Francisco, California

Price: From $1,595

Come to SRSC, which is a part of the Talent Acquisition Week and spend 3 days learning practical ideas and takeaways you can implement into your recruitment strategy. Miss a talk you’re desperate to hear? Recorded talks and all speaker presentations will be available to download after the show. Join in with hands-on workshops that will provide you with frameworks and templates you can implement back in the office, and leave knowing the latest, most relevant trends in recruiting and technology.

Register here.

ERE Conference LogoERE Recruiting Conference Spring 2020

When: 15-17 April 2020

Where: The conference is taking place digitally.

Price: From $1,116 (large teams – 10+ advanced rate)

This recruiting conference promises to deliver the nation’s best recruiting strategies and tactics. ERE is the one place talent acquisition and recruiting professionals need to go to learn the tricks of the recruiting trade. Join the hundreds of attendees who will come together to listen to speakers share innovative recruitment strategies and processes, all of whom have been chosen to speak based on their successful results and willingness to share their success strategy.

Register here.

SHRM Talent LogoSHRM 2020 Talent Conference & Exposition

When: 20-22 April 2020

Where: The conference is going virtual. Find the details here.

Price: From $1,365

This year’s SHRM talent conference has all new recruiting strategies and tools to reshape the competition for talent. Attend and you will learn about the tactics and technologies that leading organizations are implementing to secure and retain the best and brightest talent. 

Register here.

Indeed InteractiveIndeed Interactive

When: 11-13 May 2020

Where: The event is moving online to provide a virtual, global and immersive experience. Stay tuned for updates here.

Price: From $899

Welcome to a better world of work. And work is everything we do. Our work is central to our identity and our society as a whole. But the world of work and society are changing rapidly. So how do we embrace innovation and maximize inclusivity? Come to Indeed Interactive and discover how.

Register here.

RecruitCon 20 LogoRecruitCon Denver 2020

When: 13-15 May 2020

Where: Denver, Colorado The event is going virtual.

Price: $1,345+

Billed as the nation’s leading talent acquisition conference, RecruitCon Denver 2020 promises to reveal the recruiting program that will see you beat the competition for top talent. They’ll show you new and emerging recruitment practices including new tech on offer, cutting edge analytics and how to streamline hiring as a process. 

Buy your ticket here.

The state of diversity recruiting in 2020

Defining the path that corporate diversity and inclusion will follow in the near future, The State of Diversity Recruiting white paper dives into relevant emerging trends and discusses example cases throughout every stage of the recruitment funnel.


Talent 42Talent42 Tech Recruiting Conference

When: 16-17 June 2020 The event has been postponed to November 2020.

Where: Seattle, Washington

Price: TBC

The Talent42 Tech Recruiting Conference provides an opportunity for recruiters and leaders to come together to build and strengthen their relationship and learn what the most effective recruiting strategies for organizations, both big and small, are doing to get the competitive edge and win the war for talent. 

Register here.

STA Conference 2020 LogoStrategic Talent Acquisition Conference

When: 22-24 June 2020

Where: Everett, Massachusetts and online

Price: From $695 (virtual pass)

This online and in-person conference is rethinking analytics, process and the necessary tech to close the talent gaps. For too long organizations have erected barriers between themselves and the top talent, and they’ve reached a crisis point where they stand to lose billions of dollars in unrealized productivity. At HCI’s 2020 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference you will learn how to rethink and reprioritize your approach to talent acquisition to acquire the talent you didn’t even know was out there. 

Register here.

NapsNAPS 2020 Conference

When: 13-15 September 2020

Where: Henderson, Nevada

Price: From $650

The NAPS 2020 conference has changed venues, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still the premier education opportunity representing recruitment in today’s modern world. More than 400 attendees are expected to descend on Henderson, Nevada, and with the success of last year’s show, the participants are in for a treat. 

Register here.


Rest of the World

Recfest 2020 LogoTop Talent Summit

When: 6-7 May 2020

Where: Calgary, Canada The conference is going virtual.

Price: From C$750

The 7th Annual Top Talent Summit is the place where visionaries and leaders from some of the world’s most iconic brands will come together to share the stories of their success behind their breakthrough talent acquisition strategies. This is a one-stop talent acquisition conference that has been designed to enable you to develop an agile recruitment strategy, source hard to find talent and execute an out of the box digital talent acquisition strategy as soon as you get back to the office.

Get your tickets here.

ATC Logo

Australasian Talent Conference 2020

When: 24-25 June 2020

Where: Sydney, Australia The event is going virtual. Check the website for updates.

Price: From AU$1,200 + GST

Australasian Talent Conference is the largest event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting over 500 talent leaders every year. This year will be focused on humanizing talent acquisition and how to put empathy, transparency, trust and reciprocity to the center of your recruitment strategy. It is a unique opportunity for you to gain invaluable insights, new skills, learn about innovative solutions and network with leading talent professionals.

Register here.


Choosing the right event to attend

With so many great recruiting conferences held annually, it can be tough to decide which one to attend. Each of them has a unique take on recruiting and will offer something different. But they all share one thing – they guarantee you the opportunity to learn about the latest advances in recruitment, to meet like-minded individuals and to gain insights into best practice by those who have been there before and have been successful.

Word of advice before you go ahead and book your plane ticket to any far-flung destinations – make sure you do your homework beforehand. Just because the conference is being held in the city/country you’ve always wanted to visit, doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for you. Because if you really want to up your recruiting and talent acquisition in 2020, you want to be attending the best recruiting conference to suit your needs and the needs of your organization.

And don’t forget, just because you can’t physically attend a conference doesn’t mean you can’t be there in digital spirit – most HR and recruiting conferences will post photos and videos and content following the event, so you can still grab their helpful insights all from the comfort of your own desk.

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The state of diversity recruiting in 2020

Defining the path that corporate diversity and inclusion will follow in the near future, The State of Diversity Recruiting white paper dives into relevant emerging trends and discusses example cases throughout every stage of the recruitment funnel.


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