We’re excited to announce that Harver has acquired pymetrics!

One Team. One Mission.

Maximizing employee potential. Optimizing organizational talent decisions.
Ensuring unbiased workplaces.

Better Together

Together, Harver and pymetrics address a broad set of talent acquisition and talent management use cases, empowering organizations to optimize efficient, unbiased, and high-quality talent decisions across the entire employee lifecycle.

The acquisition of pymetrics adds a groundbreaking, behavioral-based AI methodology to Harver’s comprehensive set of existing talent assessments, providing organizations with a wider breadth and depth of predictive talent decisioning products for professional and hourly roles.  

Incorporating best-in-class approaches from both I/O psychology and cognitive science, the combined offerings will accelerate the companies’ shared vision of putting purpose to work by identifying, matching, and developing the right people for the right role, and ultimately delivering better outcomes for organizations across the globe in a more efficient and unbiased manner.



CEO, Harver

“An organization’s people are the most essential and strategic part of the business,” said Scott Landers, CEO, Harver. “Harver and pymetrics share a mission to help find people’s purpose and then put it to work. By joining forces, we will be able to offer our customers across the globe a more robust and diverse set of solutions to help them drive better talent decisions. Together, we will help enterprises maximize the potential of their employee base and empower the organizations of tomorrow.”


CEO and founder, pymetrics

“Harver and pymetrics have an incredible opportunity to reinvent the way talent decisions are made by creating a more effective and unbiased process across the talent lifecycle,” said Frida Polli, CEO and founder, pymetrics. “I’m thrilled about the unmatched value that our combined teams can deliver to our customers and excited to continue building upon our shared vision to unleash people’s true potential and then put it to work.”

Enhanced Talent Decision Capabilities Enterprises Need


Extended Assessment Offerings
Harver’s comprehensive behavioral, cognitive and personality assessments matched with pymetrics’ unbiased behavioral soft skill assessments give organizations a robust collection of I/O and cognitive science assessment tools to help find the right talent based on specific hiring needs.


Amplified Talent Development and Mobility Capabilities
The combined offerings will empower organizations to optimize talent decisions throughout the employee lifecycle – from pre-hire, to talent development, talent mobility, and re-skilling.


Broadened Science-backed Solutions
Combining best-in-class approaches from both cognitive and I/O science, as well as pymetrics’ ethical AI technology, Harver and pymetrics’ diversified solutions help organizations put the right people to the right jobs, which ultimately delivers better talent outcomes.


Promoting Diversity and Inclusion
Both Harver and pymetrics’ cognitive and I/O science technologies mitigate multiple forms of biases throughout the hiring process and help organizations build better, more inclusive teams.