Realistic Job Previews

Support stronger two-way matching and retention
with engaging job previews. 

Manage expectations and
attrition at the same time.

Manage expectations and attrition at the same time.

Use interactive videos to give candidates a clearer understanding of fit. You can gauge a candidate’s natural reaction to real-life workplace situations, while they preview if the role is right for them.  

Why Harver realistic job previews?


Decrease time
to hire


Decreased employee


Candidate satisfaction

Situational judgment tests in action 


1. Candidates engage with interactive videos  


2. Candidates select the best and worst responses to realistic job scenarios


3. Garner visibility into how candidates would behave on the job, to help with screening

Hire better fits with two-way matching

By giving candidates a realistic job preview with our situational judgment tests, both you and candidates win. You get to focus on the best fits for the role who naturally react well to common workplace situations, making your selection process more efficient. And candidates gain deeper understanding of what the job entails, revealing candidates who are excited and the right fit for the role. This also makes interviews more meaningful and engaging.  

Set expectations to increase tenure

One of the main reasons new hires leave is due to unrealistic expectations about the role. Harver’s situational judgment tests help poor fits opt out early in the application process, not after you’ve hired them. With our realistic job previews, tenure goes up, while your onboarding expenses go down.  

Implement custom job previews for your needs

Our People Science team does a deep dive into each role, following a rigorous process to create the most effective and realistic experience possible. We shadow employees on the job to identify common challenges and conduct a top performer job analysis to see which responses are predictive for success. We even have a full production team that leads the entire video production process from start to finish. 

Showcase your unique company culture

Candidates want to work for a company with a good reputation and positive company culture. Harver’s realistic job previews are also branded videos that highlight your organization and showcase its unique characteristics. Use them to highlight your company’s values and culture, for a well-rounded preview of what a day in the life is like in the role. 

See how you can predict fit for any job seeker.

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