Diversity and Inclusion

Mitigate unconscious bias and build better teams.

The leading candidate selection software designed to build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Give every applicant a fair chance with recruitment software designed to:

Eliminate unconscious bias

Provide you with scientifically validated data

Showcase your culture of inclusion

Eliminate bias

Level the playing field and give applicants a fair chance.

Don’t let unconscious bias impact workforce decisions. Harver’s team of IO-psychologists work with you to identify the qualities and competencies for the job upfront to avoid the inadvertent shifting of criteria during the interview and evaluation process.

Leverage assessments

Make data-driven hiring decisions.

Harver’s scientifically validated assessments collect objective, behavioral data that is free of bias, unlike resume data or self-reported data. Choose from 15+ assessments that can be personalized and adjusted for time, difficulty level, and application.

Company culture

Showcase your culture. Celebrate diversity.

Welcome diversity from the very first interaction. Build a unique candidate experience that demonstrates your company culture and values and sell applicants on the job. Use interactive videos and realistic job previews to give candidates insight into what it’s like to be an employee at your company.

Blind hiring

Take personal data out of the hiring equation.

Put performance first. Enable blind hiring to hide personal information and demographics in the initial screening.

Harver users experience


decreased time to hire


increase in quality applications


increase in diverse hires

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