Vapiano Candidate Experience

Immersive online experience

Take your applicants through a challenging, immersive and above all fun online candidate experience. Test their skills and personality and find out how they respond in true-to-life scenarios. Give each and every applicant a taste of what the job entails to establish a mutual fit.

Watch the video on the right for a quick introduction to TalentPitch.

Modular all-in-one solution

Every job, applicant and organization is different, and so is TalentPitch. Choose from our wide variety of modules, click and connect whichever ones you feel fit best and build your custom application experience.

Find a selection of our most used modules below.

The perfect blend

TalentPitch offers the perfect blend between informing candidates on the one hand, and measuring their suitability on the other.

Applicants get to know all about your organization and the job they apply for, while you get to know all about the applicant.

Seamless ATS integration

TalentPitch integrates seamlessly with all major ATS’s. Synchronize systems, zap TalentPitch data straight into your ATS and optimize your recruitment cycle.

Give your team the tools necessary to make infallible hiring decisions without ever switching systems!

Some of our modules:

Knockout Questions

Knockout questions help you establish a fit from the get go. Define your knockouts, get to know the applicant and preselect in an early stage.

Video Tour

Manage expectations by telling your story and showing your office, organization and culture.

Situational Judgment Tests

Let applicants play out real life situations from the comfort of their homes. Candidates self-select and see if they like the job or not.

Personality Testing

Thoroughly get to know the applicant. Our scientifically validated personality tests are developed in cooperation with the Psychology Faculty of the University of Amsterdam.

Intelligence Testing

Test an applicant’s intelligence and learning capabilities. From literacy and numeracy, to problem solution and logical thinking.

Video and Audio CV

Give candidates the opportunity  to verbally introduce themselves through audio and/or video.

Language Testing

We offer cross lingual reading and writing proficiency testing in 44 languages. All of TalentPitch’s language tests are scientifically validated.

Skill Games

Assess skills like multitasking, typing, eye-hand coordination and many more. Add skill games for whichever skill you deem necessary and build your own unique experience.

And Many More...

TalentPitch is a modular system with tonnes of features. Curious about the entire range of possibilities? Schedule a demo and see for yourself!

Our clients experience

A decrease in employee turnover
rates up to 70%.

Up to a 300% increase
in quality of hires.

Up to 90% decrease in
time spent per hire.

87% Satisfied applicants
even after rejection.