Volume Hiring ≠ Regular Recruiting​

When even in times of labor shortage, you evaluate more applicants in a month than most companies do in a lifetime, you operate in a completely different reality. This reality comes with its own, unique set of challenges.

Time to stop manual hiring in a digital age.

Traditional processes for volume recruitment are manual and subjective. As a result, candidates slip through the cracks. In a regular hiring reality, these inefficiencies are inconvenient. In volume hiring these problems are exacerbated, turning inconviencies into roadblocks. When hiring at scale, regular recruitment processes simply won’t cut it. Especially with competition for talent so fierce.

More volume doesn’t have to mean more work.

Today’s job market is not one where candidates wait around for you to take action. In most cases, the first to offer a candidate a job is the one that makes the hire. Still, most hiring processes ask candidates to wait days to be screened, called, and interviewed before they can start. You need to keep your candidates engaged and move fast. You need to be able to scale your recruiting without scaling your recruitment team.

A fast, fun, frictionless experience for applicants.

Applying online could be so much more than a form fill. What if you could turn your application into a memorable experience? One where candidates apply in minutes and get a glimpse of your culture while doing so. And if you collect just enough data in those minutes, you could offer them an interview on the spot. It’s time to rethink the application itself.

Volume hiring done right

With Harver, you don’t have to scale your recruiting team linearly to your applicant volume anymore, or to sacrifice candidate experience for efficiency and quality for time to hire. 

We take a no compromise approach to building our software, so you can do the same with hiring.  Whether you’re hiring an army of waiters, a host of cashiers or a crowd of customer service agents, we help you hire high volumes, with low effort.

Streamline your volume hiring process

Harver transforms the volume hiring process on four fundamental domains. Our unique combined approach is a proven way to overcome the challenges attributed to volume hiring.

Matching Technology

Our proprietary two-way matching technology takes over the matching process from recruiters, and provides all the data you need for split-second decision-making at scale.


The matching data is used to trigger automation rules that progress candidates through the funnel, without human intervention. Harver enables customized automation from ‘Apply’ to ‘Hire’.

Candidate Experience

Throughout any hiring process, big or small, there’s one stakeholder that should never be neglected: the candidate. The Harver platform enables you to offer customized and fully branded hiring experiences that ‘wow’ every candidate.

Business Intelligence

When you’re hiring in big numbers, you need big insights. Harver comes equipped with an enterprise-grade business intelligence suite that shows you every metric and KPI you need  to be fully in control.

Ready to experience a digital volume hiring reality?

We’d love to show you the impact of a digitally transformed hiring process.