2023 HR Resource Roundup – From AI to Internal Mobility to Next Year’s Trends

2023 HR Resource Roundup

As we wrap up 2023, here’s a roundup of some of our most popular content that your peers found inspiring and informative. Catch up on anything you missed about internal mobility, hiring better and faster, leveraging AI in HR, and more.

Thank you to our colleagues, customers, and the rest of the Harver family for another great year supporting innovative practitioners and organizations!

What's in?

Internal mobility: 3 tips to cultivate your workforce 

Relatively new to internal mobility? Think of your workforce like a garden: most productive with a little planning before the planting. Here are 3 tips you can start implementing right now to plant deep roots, develop a strong yet flexible trunk, and help internal job seekers reach new heights as they branch out into new roles. Read now


9 best practices for internal mobility 

Your employees — especially Gen Zers and Millennials — expect development and growth opportunities. Follow these 9 best practices to increase intent to stay by 33%, while also reducing hiring costs and becoming a known employer of choice. Get now

Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) for predicting performance and attrition 

Early attrition and the associated costs will continue to plague employers in 2024. One way to reliably predict attrition and speed up time to full performance is with situational judgment tests. Here’s everything you need to know about these assessments that give a preview of your culture and the role. Read now

How UPS is simplifying personalized self-serve development 

Every enterprise organization needs an easy way to enable self-development of their workforce. UPS found a way to do just that for 90,000+ leaders, by measuring key traits, mapping them to their leadership model, and providing personalized, one-click access to content in their L&D platform. Watch now

Will ChatGPT replace human recruiters? Blog feature image

Will ChatGPT replace human recruiters? 

Nope! Though we do foresee generative AI like ChatGPT helping to free recruiters from repetitive or transactional tasks so they can better focus on strategic HR work. However, be wary of using any AI without human oversight and accountability – this emerging tech isn’t infallible. Learn more

Reference checking: How collective intelligence can elevate artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is all the rage right now. But what about gaining efficiency and insights through CI, or collective intelligence? By automating reference checking to be faster and easier, your organization can also benefit from more robust and candid reference data. Get now

Recruiting chatbots like Harver CHAT can engage, screen, and hire in the same day

Enterprise guide to conversational chatbots for faster screening 

Need to hire hourly workers at scale? 66% of candidates say a smooth, timely recruiting process is the best way to stand out. Get all the answers you need to implement a conversational screening chatbot to differentiate your employer brand and compete best for fast-moving talent. Read now


How Paramount increases diversity & retention in ad sales 

Paramount rewrote the script on Sales Associate hiring to increase ethnic diversity +254% and reduce unwanted attrition -56%. It all started with objective soft skills data. Read this inspiring customer success story to learn how, and check out the webinar for more details from Paramount’s VP of Talent Analytics & Workforce Planning. Learn how


Are resumes dead? Maybe they should be 

While age might just be a number, it’s time to take a hard look at this 500-year-old screening method. We break down 3 key reasons why it makes sense for innovative employers to bury resumes or CVs in the past where they belong. Read now


4 winning tactics for retail and hospitality recruitment 

Retail associates, front and back of house staff, and other hourly workers are in-demand to grow sales and customer satisfaction. Here’s a data-driven view into what these candidates want, including faster recruitment and better communication. Plus, how successful hiring organizations are winning over candidates for retail and hospitality roles. Get now


5 ways to maximize your talent pools 

Many employers who think hiring is tough due to lack of applicants are actually missing opportunities throughout the talent funnel. Here are proven tips for broadening your candidate pools, minimizing drop-off of top talent, and other ways to make the most of your external and internal hiring. Read now


Congratulations to Harver’s first-ever LIFT Award winners 

Harver’s inaugural LIFT (Leading Innovators For Talent) Awards highlight creative and impactful HR professionals around the world. These innovators are doing big things within talent acquisition, talent management, and DEI initiatives. Get to know them and pick up new ideas. See winners 

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May 29, 2024

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