Supporting Early Career Tech Hiring For A Leading Online Travel Brand

Competing For Early Career Tech Talent

Looking to get high marks on your organization’s campus recruiting and early careers programs? Compete faster for Gen Z talent by graduating from a manual selection process to modern strategies and tactics. 

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2024 early career recruiting demands differentiation 

2 out of 3 global talent professionals say competition for talent will increase in 2024. And along with alignment on DEI and sustainability, Gen Z job seekers are big on convenient and quick hiring journeys. As discussed in our new whitepaper, 5 Campus & Early Career Recruiting Trends, slow and uncommunicative recruiting is a big reason why candidate resentment is on the rise. 

68% of global talent professionals say competition for talent will increase in 2024

To help you recruit with honors, here’s a real-world campus recruiting example featuring one of the world’s largest online travel brands. 

Hiring use case: Campus recruiting & early career  

Early career and campus recruiting is a lot like finding a good hotel room: You need speed and reliable signals for quality.  

What if you don’t have time to assess each hotel in Paris? You might miss out on your dream hotel room or pick a nightmare location. Maybe the property is new and there aren’t enough reviews to tell if the hotel is right for you.  

It’s the same for campus and early career recruiting. Especially when resumes or CVs are thin, you need fast modern processes and role-relevant data. Not cumbersome resume sifting and unreliable self-reported information.

For graduates or other talent early in a career path, your organization needs a quick and reliable way to predict potential and fit even when historical data isn’t available. 

5 campus recruiting and early careers trends - get free whitepaper

Campus recruiting: Customer business challenges 

One of our existing customers was facing common campus recruiting challenges, including how to identify and capitalize on available talent before other employers. As a leading global online travel company, they needed a steady supply of software engineers, data analysts, and other tech roles.  

Despite best efforts, this innovative organization was losing potential early career talent to faster employers. Why? Because manual screening and selection is one of the common process-related bottlenecks when hiring at scale.  

Why leading online travel brand chose Harver to help with early career tech hiring

For this leading travel brand, selecting from thousands of early career applicants took up too much valuable time. This employer wasn’t only competing against Big Tech, the Big Four, financial institutions, and other tech-driven organizations. They were also competing against themselves. Specifically, they were losing talent because their existing manual selection process hampered hiring for fast-moving Gen Z talent with in-demand hard skills.  

Challenges faced by this employer’s early career recruiters: 

  • Trouble identifying right, high-potential fit 
  • Losing potential talent due to slow, laborious manual selection process 
  • Candidate drop-off harmed employer brand 
  • Need to future-proof and retain their workforce 

Campus recruiting: Customer deciding factors for choosing Harver 

Luckily, other teams at this enterprise online travel organization were already using Harver’s traditional behavioral assessments for other roles. Inspired by an internal referral, the early careers team evaluated Harver’s solutions. After careful consideration, this organization just recently adopted our innovative campus recruiting solutions to enable better, faster early career hiring. 

Remember how campus recruiting requires both speed and reliable signals of quality? This employer realized that Harver’s predictive people science provides both together. In addition to automation freeing up time from repetitive tasks like scheduling interviewing, Harver’s assessments speed up selection. How? By enabling recruiters to prioritize best fit candidates right away.  

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Instead of losing prime candidates, now, this online travel brand can quickly identify, hire, and retain the early career talent with the skills and traits they need. 

Why this customer chose Harver for campus recruiting: 

  • Predictive, unbiased science on candidate skills and potential 
  • Greater efficiency and objectivity to reduce time to hire 
  • Better candidate experience for high candidate satisfaction 
  • Actionable, easy-to-use reports for interview and development purposes 

Graduating to a better, faster early career hiring process 

Leveling up your campus recruiting and early career hiring doesn’t mean you have to study alone.  

In fact, your organization can benefit from Harver’s industrial-organizational psychologists, data scientists, and software engineers. We’re here to answer your questions about better competing for early career talent, like we do for the leading online travel brand discussed above. 

Ready to learn more? Request your discovery call today.  

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Keith Leong
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May 17, 2024

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