Harver wins 2023 HR Tech Award as Best Talent Intelligence Solution

Harver won Best Talent Intelligence Solution by the 2023 HR Tech Awards

Take a peek behind the velvet curtain to preview our Insights Dashboards 

We’re proud to announce that the 2023 HR Tech Awards selected Harver as Best Talent Intelligence Solution. Congratulations to our I-O psychologists, data analysts, and engineers who make it possible for Harver’s customers to hire and grow with help from robust, award-winning talent intelligence.  

Part of HR Tech’s Talent Acquisition category, Best Talent Intelligence Solution recognizes “a solution that enables employers to leverage data and insights for more strategic talent decisions.” Considering that Harver’s solutions are purpose-built to do just that, we’re honored to be acknowledged. And yet, more importantly, we’re excited that employers are increasingly using objective data to assess job seekers based on skills and a custom fit for a particular role. 

This shift away from a one-size-fits-all approach supports better hiring outcomes. It also keeps productivity up and costs down. To make it work, you need three things related to talent intelligence: 

  • Science-backed data for hiring decision support  
  • That’s quick and easy to gather 
  • And available for action without delay. 

In celebration of our 2023 HR Tech Award, here’s how Harver delivers all three requirements to enable enterprise-grade talent intelligence. 

Objective data backed by 35+ years of science 

Harver solutions are built on decades of industrial-organizational (I-O) and cognitive science. In fact, no one else in the industry combines best practices and innovations from both I-O and cognitive science. This singular approach and Harver’s team of I-O psychologists help our customers go beyond compliance when it comes to mitigating disparate impact.  

Our commitment to the science of people is critical to finding the right talent and putting them in the right role. With objective data based on unbiased science, Harver is able to match your job seekers to the best fit job possible, in a way that’s more accurate and faster, too. How? With our assessments that engage candidates as well as they assess them. 

Comprehensive assessments for speed and flexibility 

Harver has the comprehensive breadth of assessments you need, whether you’re hiring hourly retail staff, developing software engineers into leaders, or enabling internal mobility for your entire workforce. In as few as 7 minutes, you can gain critical insight into a candidate’s fit for a particular role. 

For instance, if you want to understand job seeker disposition, you can choose between traditional behavioral vs gamified behavioral assessments. Want to know if a live agent can perform well on day one while working remotely? Assess hard skills like typing and language proficiency, and pair them with our work-from-home assessment of device and internet connection performance. 

Of course, we make it fast and easy to get started. Customers who want to implement a solution right away can choose from a job library of 1,000+ profiles across hourly and professional role types. Candidates appreciate our engaging assessments too, with our customers commonly see candidate satisfaction rates in the mid to high 90s.  

Enterprise-grade dashboards with real-time data 

With Harver, you and your recruiters can access 200+ insights across the talent lifecycle. Data visualizations are intuitively organized by themes, with the ability to create customized reports and dashboards to support your evolving needs over time. 

Here’s a preview of just a few dashboards available to Harver customers: 

Harver Insights Dashboard screenshot of Selection-related insights and data visualizations

Hiring for quality starts with objective data. Make the most informed, predictive choices you can with insights into matching profiles, the selection process, status changes, and more. At a higher strategic level, you can also leverage robust data to audit hiring processes and adjust strategies for ongoing optimization of your approach to TA and TM.  

Harver Insights Dashboard screenshot of time to action insights and data visualizations

Why sacrifice speed or quality? With real-time data, you can access talent analytics all at once right away. For instance, Harver’s Insights Dashboards make it easy to see your time to action at a glance so you can uncover roadblocks during particular stages and make choices based on your actual hiring timelines without the delays of consolidating data across multiple vendors. 

Harver Insights Dashboard screenshot of KPIs and operations insights and data visualizations

High-level talent intelligence. Easily track the status of hiring initiatives, report top-level metrics to stakeholders, and intervene quickly if results aren’t meeting expectations. With one click, you can dig deeper into key KPIs and operations insights.  

Harver Insights Dashboard screenshot of sourcing-related insights and data visualizations

In-depth talent intelligence. From sourcing to selection to status changes, Harver makes it simple to access deeper insights. For instance, want to optimize your precious spend for sourcing external talent? Invest wisely by checking your Sourcing dashboard.  

How to learn more about Harver’s Insights Dashboards? 

Don’t miss out on Harver’s award-winning talent intelligence solution for better, faster hiring. Schedule a demo for a full preview of our Insights Dashboards and comprehensive suite of automated solutions. 

Keith Leong

Keith Leong

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