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RSVP: Employee-centric Recruitment Process Webinar with Recruiter.co.uk

Turning workforce crises into a competitive edge with employee-centric recruiting​

  • When: December 1, 2022, at 8:30 am EST / 13:30 GMT
  • Who: Andrew Avrin, VP of Commercial Effectiveness, Harver
  • With: Recruiter.co.uk
  • How: RSVP now

About this webinar

The competition for quality talent is only heating up as we enter 2023. Recruiters are faced with increasingly low candidate volume, paired with high attrition, while trying to find a competitive edge in today’s tight labour market. As we currently face the beginning stages of a sustained workforce crisis and full employment recession, having the right talent in place has increasingly far-reaching impacts on the revenue, profitability, and the overall health of our companies.  

In 2023, the candidate — not the employer — is in the driver’s seat. It is up to organisations to develop and maintain effective and efficient hiring processes to ensure they attract quality talent, quickly and effectively. This webinar will discuss tactical ways your company can build an employee-centric recruitment process to attract and hire top talent that will succeed today and into the future. 

Join Andrew Avrin, VP of Commercial Effectiveness at Harver, as he discusses: 

  • The evolution of candidate expectations within the recruitment process 
  • How talent acquisition professionals can develop an engaging, customisable, and employee-centric recruitment process  
  • The importance of hiring “convenience” 
  • The importance of embedding your people, and your brand, within recruitment  

How to watch

Register now so you don’t miss out on how to gain a critical advantage whilst competing for top talent in 2023 and beyond.

Keith Leong

Keith Leong

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