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12 Best Recruiting Podcasts To Listen To In 2020

Recruiting Podcasts 2020

Podcasts are quickly becoming the go-to marketing tool for businesses around the globe.

According to a study by Edison Research, more than 700,000 active podcasts exist right now, and with over 29 million podcast episodes available to listeners. To prove how popular podcasts have become, Apple said in 2018 that there were 550,000 live podcasts and 18.5 million episodes. Can you spot the massive increase in those figures?

It’s only natural that recruiting podcasts would also gain popularity. After all, recruiters are always looking for the best advice, tips, and trends on how they can make smarter moves in their roles. Podcasts are accessible from anywhere, and the best part about them is that they’re free. This is what makes them one of the most accessible learning tools for anyone looking to get an advantage in the recruitment industry.

There are a lot of recruitment podcasts out there that you can listen to and we’ve already listed some of them for you in our previous articles here and here. These include The Chad & Cheese Podcast with Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman, The #SocialRecruiting Show with Katrina Collier or Hiring on All Cylinders from Entelo.

This time, we’ve picked out 12 podcasts you might not have heard of yet that we think deserve your attention. That way, you can load up your playlist for 2020 with some fresh content!

What’s in?

  1. Recruitment On The Go
  2. The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast
  3. Talk Talent To Me
  4. #WorkTrends
  5. TA Innovators Radio
  6. Recruitment Rollercoaster
  7. The Hiring Success Podcast
  8. Hiring Tips Podcast
  9. Eat Sleep Work Repeat
  10. Hire Power Radio
  11. Big Fish In The Talent Pool
  12. A Bonus Tip: Recruiting Future

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1. Recruitment On The Go – Caitie McCollow and Mingus Mkubukeli

Recruitment On The Go is the perfect podcast for busy recruiters that are, well… on the go!

The episodes are between 7 to 15 minutes long, which makes them super easy to fit into a busy working schedule. The hosts, Caitie McCollow and Mingus Mkubukeli help recruiters discover the latest trends in the industry as well as giving real-life, actionable tips to start using in your working life.

One of the great parts about the Recruitment On The Go podcast is that it provides knowledge that anybody can use, whether you are a recruiter, an HR specialist, or a talent acquisition manager.

The podcast publishes five episodes per week—the perfect dose of daily wisdom for each day of your working week. Now into its second season, you can catch up on new (and old) episodes over on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

What do others say about this podcast?

“…Caitie and Mingus offer a wealth of straightforward advice that you can immediately put into action to improve your recruitment strategy. It’s great one-stop-shop for hints and tips.” – Amy McLaughlin from Firefish Software

Recruiting Brainfood

2. The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast – Hung Lee

On the back of his ridiculously successful weekly newsletter is Hung Lee’s podcast—Recruiting Brainfood.  

Every week, Lee interviews leading figures in recruitment to get an inside scoop of how AI is shaping the future of the industry, as well as discussing issues like diversity, inclusion, gig economy, technology, workplace culture, and a whole lot more.

The podcast has covered issues such as Brexit, tech-related job displacement, and blue-collar recruitment. It also gives recruiters specific advice and insight on hiring by city, country, gender seniority, and employer. Plus, Lee’s blog also pumps out equally impressive content once a week, straight to your inbox.

A must for your ear-buds—and your inbox. Listen to the podcast here.

What do others say about this podcast?

Recruiting Brainfood Review

Talk Talent To Me Logo

3. Talk Talent To Me – Rob Stevenson

Have you ever wanted to have a 1-on-1 conversation with some of the innovators of the recruitment industry? 

Talk Talent To Me is Hired’s answer to the world of recruitment podcasts. The podcast is a star-studded list of top recruiters who share their insights on an intimate level. Previous guests include Growth by Design Talent Co-Founder Adam Ward, Grammarly Head of Recruiting Andon Cowie, and Eventbrite Director of Recruiting Jonathan Shames 

Speakers who feature on the podcast share their experience and insight on everything from how to set up an external agency for success to creating a learning environment amongst your team. This one is a fast-paced tour through the strategies, metrics, techniques, and trends shaping the recruitment industry right now.

You can listen to the podcast here.

What do others say about this podcast?

Talk Talent To Me Review


4. #WorkTrends from TalentCulture – Meghan M. Biro

#WorkTrends is a podcast that blends with a Twitter chat that’s hosted every week by Meghan M. Biro. With nearly 300 episodes in its vault, #WorkTrends has become a leading podcast for recruiters to hear the latest news and trends from experts, HR tech vendors, and HR practitioners.

Speakers have also explored complex issues in the industry, such as ageism and its impact on modern workers, how to make hiring more efficient, and recruiting in the age of AI.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.

What do others say about this podcast?

#WorkTrends Review

TA Innovators Radio

5. TA Innovators Radio – Adrie Smith

TA Innovators Radio is a podcast by host Adrie Smith that’s specifically targeted at the Talent Acquisition and HR community. The podcast revolves around 1-on-1 interviews with new guests on every episode, who discuss issues like engaging talent, managing tough internal hiring dilemmas, and the future of talent acquisition.

Big-name guests that have been interviewed for the podcast include Coca-Cola European Partners Senior Recruiter Aquilina Victoria Beier, Senior Tech Recruiter at Mobiquity, Zeynep Tunalıoğlu, and Digital IT recruiter at Adidas, Charlotte Sheldon.

Grab a coffee and treat yourself to the podcast over on SoundCloud.

Recruitment Rollercoaster Logo

6. Recruitment Rollercoaster – Hishem Azzouz

Have you got time in your busy schedule for longer interviews?

Hishem Azzouz’s Recruitment Rollercoaster features in-depth episodes spanning an hour (or longer) about personal branding, the future of recruitment, and mental health. In previous episodes, recruiters have revealed the ups and downs of working in the recruitment industry (hence the name, Recruitment Rollercoaster.)

Azzouz says his podcast is an excellent foot in the door for those who are considering starting a career in recruitment—it’ll help them prepare for the ride!

“My goal with this podcast is simple, for it to become the go-to place for recruiters to learn from the best within the recruitment industry and to give a true insight into the world of recruitment for those considering a career within the industry.”

You can listen to the podcast here, and Azzouz also encourages people to connect with him via LinkedIn.

What do others say about this podcast?

Recruitment Rollercoaster Review

Hiring Success Logo

7. The Hiring Success Podcast – Kaya Payseno and Mason Mitchel

A newer addition to the recruitment podcast scene is Hiring Success Podcast by SmartRecruiters.

This podcast has featured some huge names in the recruitment industry. Companies like McDonald’s and Twitter have shared their experience on how innovations like AI and Data Mining have helped them supercharge their hiring team results.

Although the podcast releases episodes sporadically, what it lacks in episode numbers is more than made up for in quality. Past episodes have included a 20-minute chat with Anita Grantham, Chief People Officer at PluralSight, who talked about growing a company from startup to IPO. The podcast has also featured Celinda Appleby, Global Talent Attraction Director at VISA, who shared her insight on talent attraction and candidate engagement telling.

Head over to iTunes or Spotify to start listening to this gem.

The Hiring Tips Logo

8. Hiring Tips Podcast – Stan Dubin

One of the more digestible podcasts on our list, Hiring Tips are mini-episodes (under 5 minutes) that are full of advice on how to make better hiring decisions.

Host Stan Dubin gives recruiters actionable, quick tips on topics like: 

  • What questions to ask during the hiring interview
  • How to evaluate the person in front of you
  • Employee motivation, benefits, and compensation
  • How to assess a prospective employee’s skills

Plus, a ton of other issues and subjects that help recruiters build a better hiring process. Not to mention, it’s highly rated amongst the industry, and its listeners.

You can start listening to it on iTunes here.

What do others say about this podcast?

The Hiring Tips Review

Eat Sleep Work Repeat Logo

9. Eat Sleep Work Repeat – Bruce Daisley

No, it’s not a clubbing song. Eat Sleep Work Repeat by host Bruce Daisley is #1 on the Apple Business Podcast Chart, with over 250,000 listeners every month. 

This podcast is the only one on our list that isn’t specifically geared towards recruitment advice. But it gives unbeatable advice about how anybody can make their work better, so we think it deserves a spot. 

Daisley interviews industry experts from fields like psychology and neuroscience to help us gain insight into how we can improve our jobs. There aren’t any “gurus” or “opinions” on this podcast, just straight-up science and experts. There’s also a blog that ties in with the podcast that takes a deeper dive into the same issues if you prefer reading over listening. 

To see what all the fuss is about, check out the podcast on iTunes here.

Hire Power Radio Logo

10. Hire Power Radio – Rick Girard

Rick Girard’s Hire Power Radio is a podcast that challenges conventional thinking within the recruitment industry.

Every week, Girard invites unique guests onto the show to disrupt common beliefs about hiring techniques and problems. The podcast labels its guests as “rebel entrepreneurs, agile executives and industry experts,” who discuss how their techniques helped them hire the most talented people to grow their companies successfully.

“Learn the real secrets of recruiting from disruptors who don’t travel the same path as everyone else; they forge their own.​” – Rick Girard

You can tune in every Tuesday at Noon (PST) here.

What do others say about this podcast?

Hire Power Radio Review

Big Fish In The Talent Pool Logo

11. Big Fish In The Talent Pool – Erin McDermott Peterson

Last but not least, Erin McDermott Peterson’s Big Fish In The Talent Pool is rated in the top 10 of Select Software Review’s 100 Top HR and Recruiting Podcasts.

McDermott Peterson, a former Global Head of Talent Acquisition, conducts 1-on-1 interviews with Talent Acquisition leaders about the rewards and challenges they’ve faced in their roles. The show has featured Fortune 500 Global Heads candidly discussing their employment branding, culture, and unconscious bias in hiring.

The best thing about this podcast is it feels like you’re listening on two industry professionals having a coffee and talking tactics. It’s perfect for corporate recruiters, those looking to move into a TA leadership role or anyone who is hungry to hear from the best in the business. 

You can sit in on the conversation over on iTunes.

What do others say about this podcast?

Big Fish In The Talent Pool Review

Recruiting Future

12. Recruiting Future – Matt Alder

Are you even a recruiting professional if you haven’t heard about Matt Alder’s Recruiting Future podcast? Having started in 2015, it is one of the longest-running recruiting podcasts with big-name guests, consistent high quality of the episodes and a large audience. That’s why we’re including Recruiting Future in our list again.

HR and Recruitment Marketing expert Matt Alder interviews recruiting industry thought leaders on a weekly basis. The topics revolve around innovation and change in recruitment and HR, making it suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their hiring process from the brightest minds of the industry.

If you haven’t checked out this podcast yet, you can do so on its website or on your favorite podcast platform.

What do others say about this podcast?

Recruiting Future Review

Time to get listening!

There you have it—12 of the best recruiting podcasts of the year to sink your teeth into.

The best part about recruitment podcasts right now is that no topic is off-limits. Everybody from startup recruiters to global talent heads are sharing their wisdom and lessons about their mistakes, triumphs, and where the industry is going.

We know that recruiters are busy, so we’ve filled this list from podcasts that are 5 minutes to those that stretch beyond an hour. Whether you’re on a long commute in the morning or your just looking for a chunk of wisdom over your morning coffee, we hope you’ve found something to fit into your schedule with this list.

Are you still looking for more? Check out this list, which features 13 more of the best recruitment podcasts out there.



Kimberlee Meier is a content writer who helps companies work smarter with recruitment and tech. Her workshop is located at kimberleemeier.com.

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