9 Tips To Build A Winning Recruiting Team

Recruiting Team

If your business is still in its early days, you might not think that building a recruiting team right now is a priority. But as your company grows, so too will your need to have a recruiting team of great people hire more great people, to nurture and manage talent pipelines that are hopefully being created.

When companies start out, the existing employees are generally able to handle the initial recruitment of new people themselves, usually with the aid of technology or even by outsourcing the recruitment requirements to dedicated external HR specialists.

But then comes the day when you can’t rely on these methods to turn up top talent any longer.

The company has reached a tipping point: it has a certain number of employees and an ongoing need for new hires. It becomes apparent that the company requires an internal recruitment specialist or an internal recruiting team.

And if you hope to compete in the war for talent, the quality of your recruiting team has to outshine the competition. Remember, the standard of your recruiting team will be a reflection of the company – if you bring in the wrong team, they, in turn, will bring in the wrong employees, resulting in a potential downward spiral of disaster for your company.

So how do you put together this powerful recruiting team, one that reflects the needs of your growing company? How do you know who and how many members this recruiting team needs? How do you motivate members to keep the recruiting fires burning when they are working flat out? How do you ensure your recruiting team has company-wide buy-in to aid in their success?

We have 9 tips to help you build a winning recruiting team.

What’s in?

  1. Determine which roles you need in your HR department
  2. Start building your recruiting team
  3. Build relationships with other departments
  4. Train the recruiting team and develop necessary skills
  5. Keep the recruiting team engaged
  6. Distribute the workload evenly
  7. Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  8. Measure performance
  9. Don’t be afraid of innovation

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