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10 Recruitment & HR Leaders To Follow In 2020

Recruitment HR Leaders To Follow

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the recruitment and HR industry, there is always something new to learn.

The way people interact and communicate is always changing. With new technology comes new expectations––and as a recruitment, talent acquisition and/or HR professional, it’s your job to understand the way your audience’s expectations and needs are shifting so you can continue to meet them.

While your network is a great addition to your go-to recruiting resources, sometimes you need to get outside your circle to really explore new ideas, insights, or methods. One of the best ways to do this is by following recruitment and HR leaders.

Here are our top professionals to follow in 2020 (in no particular order).

Who’s in?

  1. Meghan M. Biro
  2. Katrina Collier
  3. Jan Tegze
  4. Josh Bersin
  5. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
  6. Hung Lee
  7. Trish McFarlane
  8. Yassmin Abdel-Magied
  9. Greg Savage
  10. Mitch Sullivan

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1. Meghan M. Biro 

Who she is: CEO at TalentCulture and host of #WorkTrends podcast and Twitter chat

Why you should follow: Meghan has been recognized globally as a Talent Management and HR Tech brand strategist, analyst, author, and speaker. She’s worked with companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Google to help them recruit top talent and she’s been named Top 100 on Twitter Business, Leadership, and Tech by Huffington Post and Top 25 HR Trendsetters by HR Examiner.

With credentials like these, it’s safe to assume Meghan knows a thing or two about talent. She uses her platform to curate content, share insights, and discuss ideas related to how talent management and brands can work together to create a culture and environment that helps the business succeed. 

Where to find her: Follow Meghan on Twitter @MeghanMBiro and subscribe to her podcast, TalentCulture #WorkTrends, on Blog Talk Radio.

2. Katrina Collier

Who she is: Katrina is an HR & Recruitment keynote speaker and author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter.

Why you should follow: Katrina is a regular feature on top recruiting and HR podcasts, including her own, The #SocialRecruiting Show. Alongside Glenn Martin, Katrina uses the podcast to interview other HR and recruitment professionals, tackling topics like recruitment myths and what recruiters can learn from customer experience trends.

Katrina has a lot of information to share, and her network of industry leaders means following her can give you access to other professionals you haven’t engaged with yet. She dives into new ideas, explores new concepts, and introduces new strategies regularly––meaning you’ll never get bored with her perspective.

Where to find her: Follow Katrina on Twitter @KatrinaMCollier, check out her keynote speeches at The Searchologist, or follow her podcast, The #SocialRecruiting Show on Anchor FM. 

3. Jan Tegze

Who he is: Jan Tegze is author of Full-Stack Recruiter: The Modern Recruiter’s Guide and HR blogger.

Why you should follow: Jan is a Czech Republic-based talent acquisition leader specializing in full-lifecycle recruiting, international recruiting, recruitment branding, marketing, and innovative sourcing techniques.

He posts a new blog about once a month, full of in-depth insights, criticisms, and ideas to apply to your talent acquisition strategy. He covers everything from how to create more positive and productive work environments to how to use Google Chrome extensions to make email outreach more effective, meaning he has something for everyone.

Where to find him: Check out Jan’s blog at Tegze.eu or follow him on Twitter @jantegze.

4. Josh Bersin

Who he is: Josh Bersin is the founder of Bersin, a leading provider of research-based membership programs in human resources, talent, and learning.

Why you should follow: Josh is consistently named one of the biggest professionals in the HR and recruiting world. In addition to founding an industry-leading organization, Josh shares his ideas, insights, and predictions on his blog, JoshBersin.com.

But Josh’s commentary goes far beyond just blogs. He also has the Josh Bersin Academy, where interested professionals can partake in programs and courses on analytics, AI, and more. Josh also publishes a yearly analysis for the HR technology world, giving in-depth insights to those who want to continue learning.    

Where to find him: Subscribe to Josh’s blog, JoshBersin.com, or keep up with him on Twitter @Josh_Bersin

5. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Who he is: Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is a psychologist, author, and entrepreneur who uses science and tech to help organizations predict human performance. 

Why you should follow: Dr. Tomas is the author of ten books, including Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? And The Talent Delusion: Why Data, Not Intuition, Is the Key to Unlocking Human Potential. He’s also been featured on TED, CNN, and the BBC.

Tomas brings a unique perspective to the recruiting world. His science-first attitude helps organizations apply a more data-centric approach to their talent acquisition. Not only is he interesting and inspiring, but his technology-driven attitude brings a thought-provoking perspective to the future of work.

Where to find him: Follow him on Twitter at @drtcp or check out his website drtomas.com

6. Hung Lee

Who he is: Hung Lee is the co-founder and CEO of Workshape.io and author of the Recruiting Brainfood newsletter.

Why you should follow: Every week, Hung Lee curates recruiting content in his Recruiting Brainfood newsletter––but that’s not all. Hung also has podcasts, webinars, and an online community for newsletter lovers to get even more recruitment updates or to connect with other professionals.

Hung provides a healthy mix of actionable advice and tips while also introducing unique perspectives and new ideas. He’s been around for quite some time, so his online community is large––making it easy to find other professionals in your area or industry to connect with. His content options also mean there is something for everyone. From newsletters to podcasts, you can get great information in your inbox or on your daily commute.

Where to find him: Get access to Hung’s community, podcast, newsletter, and other resources at RecruitingBrainfood.com or follow him on Twitter @HungLee.

7. Trish McFarlane

Who she is: Trish McFarlane is the CEO and Principal Analyst for H3 HR Advisors, co-host of the HR Happy Hour podcast, and CEO and Co-Founder of HRevolutionize, LLP

Why you should follow: Trish has worked as an HR executive for over 20 years, including in Big 4 public accounting, PR, healthcare, manufacturing, and IT. In other words, Trish has vast experience in a lot of industries. She pulls from this experience to share insights and strategic tips with her audience.

Trish is active on her blog and her podcast, HR Happy Hour, which was launched in 2009. The show focuses on human resources, management, leadership, and workforce technology. The podcast network also owns additional shows, including We’re Only Human, HR Market Watch, and HR Happy Hour on Alexa.

Where to find her: Check out Trish’s blog on her website, TrishMcFarlane.com or find her podcasts on HRHappyHour.net.

8. Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Who she is: Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a writer, broadcaster and award-winning social advocate discussing issues like racism and diversity.

Why you should follow: Yassmin isn’t a traditional HR and recruitment leader, but she still has useful insights for anyone hiring or managing departments of people. Yassmin is Sudanese-Australian, bringing her personal perspective to keynotes and workshops. She’s the author of anthologies like It’s Not About the Burqa and New Daughters of Africa.

She makes this list because she teaches everyone to be more aware of everyday racism and how to be more inclusive. She’s a regular speaker with brands like TED, Twitter, BBC, IBM, and more.

Where to find her: Find more about her books, podcast appearances, and broadcasts on her website, YassminAM.com and follow her on Twitter @yassmin_a.  

9. Greg Savage

Who is he: Greg Savage has founded four businesses over his career and is a trusted advisor and voice across the global recruitment and professional services industries.

Why you should follow: Greg is the author of The Savage Truth, one of the top books on leadership, business, and recruitment. Part biography, part important lessons, Greg shares what he’s learned over almost forty years in the business world. It’s a staple for anyone wanting actionable advice on how to have a successful recruiting career.

In addition to his book, Greg has tons of high-quality content available online, including YouTube videos, a blog, and minute-long snippets of advice to help his audience get the advice they need in under a minute. It’s a low-investment, high-value piece of content that anyone in the HR and recruitment world should take advantage of.

Where to find him: Find access to everything Greg Savage has to offer on his website, GregSavage.com.

10. Mitch Sullivan

Who he is: Mitch Sullivan is the Founder of Fast-Track Recruitment and author of On Recruitment.

Why you should follow: Mitch began in the recruitment world 30 years ago in a traditional role. After some promotions and moving from the UK to Switzerland, Mitch decided to approach recruitment differently. He introduced innovative recruitment communications to recruit local talent and used creative recruitment marketing to connect with new audiences.

Today, he offers unique advice to agency recruiters, agency owners and directors, hiring companies, and training for recruiters and HR professionals. His trainings are aimed at advanced recruiters who want to do things differently, providing those more senior professionals with an outlet to keep learning. He offers one-on-one teachings that can help HR and recruitment professionals bring their career to the next level.

Where to find them: Learn more about Mitch’s services and catch up with his insights on his website, FastTrackRecruitment.com

Find the recruitment & HR leaders for you

Regardless of where you are in your career or the industry you work in, there are dozens of HR and recruitment leaders out there. This list is just the beginning! 

Start by following these experts, but also pay attention to who they engage with. When you start to grow your network and connect with more professionals in your industry––even if you’ve never heard of them before––you can expand your knowledge and deliver a better experience to your audience.

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