Assessment solution

Assessment Solution Everything you need to identify top talent. Harver comes equipped with a wide variety of validated pre-employment assessments that help you hire better. Request Demo Validated Scientifically assess the traits that predict job success. Engaging Provide candidates with an engaging experience, and win over top talent. Unbiased Eliminate bias in the hiring process […]

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Mitigate unconscious bias and build better teams. The leading candidate selection software designed to build a diverse and inclusive workforce. Request Demo Give every applicant a fair chance with recruitment software designed to: Eliminate unconscious bias Provide you with scientifically validated data Showcase your culture of inclusion Eliminate bias Level the playing […]

Time to Hire

Time to hire Automate laborious tasks, engage with candidates faster. The all-in-one candidate selection suite, designed to drastically reduce your Time to Hire. Request Demo Cut your Time to Hire in half, with recruitment software designed to: Improve process efficiency Enable faster decision making Communicate with candidates at scale Improve process efficiency Automate laborious tasks, […]

Volume Hiring

Volume Hiring Effortlessly manage thousands of applicants. Harver is built from the ground up to handle large numbers of applicants and optimize high volume hiring processes. Request Demo Streamline your volume hiring process with recruitment software designed to: Increase efficiency through automation Identify top talent instantly Provide a personal touch Increase efficiency Easily manage high […]