Assessment Solution

Everything you need to identify top talent.

Harver comes equipped with a wide variety of validated pre-employment assessments that help you hire better.


Scientifically assess the traits that predict job success.


Provide candidates with an engaging experience, and win over top talent.


Eliminate bias in the hiring process and give everyone a fair chance.

Cognitive & learning agility

Job fit

Scientifically validated assessments

Implement a data-driven hiring practice.

Harver makes evaluating a candidate’s hard and soft skills a breeze. Utilize 15+ assessments ranging from culture fit and personality to multitasking and cognitive ability.

  • Virtual interviewing allows you to see more people in less time.
  • Understand your candidates by gathering continuous feedback.
  • Situational judgement tests provide candidates with realistic job previews.
  • Company videos allow you to showcase your company culture.

Engaging candidate experience

Provide a top-notch candidate experience.

Harver provides you with the tools necessary to create an engaging experience that candidates will love. You can leverage interactive videos and situational judgement tests to give candidates insight into your company and work culture, creating a branded realistic job preview.

  • In-depth job analysis performed by experienced IO-psychologists.
  • Mitigate bias with data-driven hiring decisions and reviews.
  • Subject Matter Expert validation of the job profile and assessments.
  • Optimize matching over time through performance feedback loops.


Unbiased matching framework

Match candidates to the vacancy needs.

Our team of experienced IO-psychologists works with you to establish the ideal candidate profile and helps you determine which characteristics are key for success. Through performance feedback loops, your customized matching framework gets optimized over time.

Fully tailored matching scores.

Your matching score is uniquely yours, your custom algorithm is determined in collaboration with our I/O-consultants.

Data at the heart of decision making.

From Time to Hire to completion rate, Harver keeps track of all your hiring metrics.

On-brand, on every device.

Harver makes your application process an extension of your brand.

Harver users experience


decreased time-to-hire


decreased employee turnover


candidate satisfaction rate

“With Harver, Valvoline takes a scientific approach to hiring. In today’s highly competitive job market we can now spend less time recruiting and more time developing talent.”

Regina Green, Director of Human Resources

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