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10 Best Staffing Agency Software Solutions

Staffing Agency Software

Digital transformation is now the top operational challenge for staffing agencies.

Recently published stats show 85% of staffing businesses believe that they must embrace digital transformation to remain competitive. However, only 39% of companies have automated some part of their recruitment efforts, even though sourcing is still the top challenge for agencies.

The good news for staffing agencies? With the right software, they can succeed in the market and get new clients. 

We’ve put together a list of the best staffing agency software solutions—here are out top 10 picks (in no particular order).

What’s in?

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Best ATS/CRM/VMS solutions

1. Talentnow RecruitX 

The first tool on our list is Talentnow RecruitX—an ATS that’s driven by AI.

First off, RecruitX was explicitly built for staffing agencies and recruitment companies. If a job needs filling, all a recruiter has to do is create a job vacancy in the RecruitX dashboard to start the process. Then, candidates are automatically filtered in from a company’s own career website as well as third-party sites like Indeed, Jobble, and Trovit and kept on a database. RecruitX then uses AI to identify the most relevant opportunities by parsing resumes and filtering candidates based on job fit

What makes RecruitX stand out is the little details the ATS offers to staffing agencies. Recruiters can find candidate matches by searching for specific keywords, and the back end of the tool has a complete pipeline so companies can track candidates at every stage, from sourcing to interviews, offers, hires, and rejections.

Good for: Staffing agencies who need an ATS that uses automation and AI to make their lives easier. 


✅ Candidate tracking

✅ Advanced candidate searching

✅ Interview scheduling

Talentnow RecruitX Screenshot

2. Bullhorn 

Bullhorn is one of the largest players in the ATS industry for staffing agencies—over 10,000 companies around the world now rely on it for recruitment.

The tool automatically captures candidate data and streamlines the recruitment process using—you guessed it—automation. Bullhorn is equipped with predictive intelligence technology, so it knows when and how to reach out to candidates that might be a good fit for a specific job role. It then tracks every engagement a recruiter has with a candidate to improve experiences across the board.

And as no two staffing agencies are the same, Bullhorn can be customized to fit. Recruiters can change up how their platform looks, user preferences, customize record overviews, and create their own submission templates, so the recruitment process matches their agency.

Finally, Bullhorn integrates with a ton of other recruitment tools, like HarQen, Mailjet, InsightSquared,  SignalHire, Sirenum, TextUs, and TextRecruit!

Good for: Staffing agencies who are looking for a customizable ATS to recruit and onboard new candidates.


✅ Applicant tracking

✅ Sourcing/candidate identification

✅ Automated resume parsing

Bullhorn Screenshot

3. Recruiterflow

If your staffing agency wants to keep its recruitment process as simple as possible, then Recruiterflow might be a good fit!

Although Recruiterflow still offers all of the perks of recruitment CRM and candidate tracking software, there’s one big difference—its Chrome plugin. The 1-click install gives recruiters an email assistant (called Robin), which digs out relevant information about a candidate and contact directly from your inbox. It also links up to your calendar so that you can book candidate interviews straight from your inbox. 

The Recruiterflow dashboard is powerful, too. It gives staffing agencies the tools to run automated email outreach campaigns and post on multiple job boards to find the best candidates to fill job vacancies.

Good for: Staffing agencies who need a recruitment tool that’s easy to use, but still packs a punch! 


✅  Interview scorecard templates

✅  Email/calendar integration

✅  Branded career portal

Recruiterflow Screenshot

4. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is one of the more advanced ATS on our list. 

The tool breaks down some of the major hurdles facing staffing agencies like publishing job vacancies to premium job boards, parsing resumes and creating a custom career page. As Zoho Recruit comes with a powerful CRM, staffing agencies can streamline their hiring process and manage each candidate—from sourcing to hiring—under one roof. 

However, as Zoho Recruit is part of the larger Zoho software family, there are a ton of perks that come with this ATS. Staffing agencies can completely customize every aspect of the recruiting process, like designing pre-screening assessments, advanced reporting and analytics, and matching the right candidates using semantic search.

The full package? We think so!

Good for: Staffing agencies who need a tool that helps them post jobs, manage resumes, and create a custom career page all under one roof.


✅ ATS with in-built CRM

✅ Indeed integration

✅ Social sourcing

Zoho Recruit Screenshot

5. TempWorks

TempWorks is built specifically for temporary staffing agencies.

The tool’s front- and back end is completely customizable, which is vital for temp recruiters. After all, no two clients are the same, temp agencies need a tool that can change when their needs do.

The software has a ton of features. Not only does it have an open API, but it’s also one tool on our list that’s taken a lot of time to be mobile-optimized. TempWorks has its own mobile employee engagement app, which makes your staffing efforts even easier no matter where you are. Once a candidate is hired, temp agencies can use the app to digitally onboard them and through the software’s HRCenter, which creates and stores I-9s, W-4s, and even has electronic signature verification.

Other features are specifically geared towards the temp industry, like time clocks, invoicing, and real-time reporting that make it a perfect fit for staffing agencies of all sizes.

Good for: Temporary staffing agencies who need to source, recruit, and onboard temp employees without all the paperwork fuss. 


✅ Mobile-optimized

✅ Paperless onboarding/form storage

✅ Customizable app

TempWorks Screen

Best candidate assessment solutions

6. Harver

Harver is a candidate selection platform that makes it easier for staffing agencies to predict if a candidate will be a good fit for a role.

The tool is all about science. Harver uses a proprietary algorithm (which combines data and science) that helps staffing agencies accurately predict whether or not a candidate has what it takes to be successful in a specific job role. It uses pre-employment assessments that measure a candidate’s cognitive ability, aptitude, and soft skills, and then uses them to give recruiters a score they can then use to make a hiring decision. All that in your own branding.

If your staffing agency hires for clients in multiple industries, Harver helps you implement industry-specific situational judgement tests (SJTs) which you can use to evaluate whether or not a candidate is a good fit for work in that particular industry. Hiring based on data also mitigates against unconscious bias.

Staffing agencies can also use Harver for remote hiring and video interviewing. The tool’s one-way video interview system allows you to upload video- or text-based questions and let candidates record and submit their answers. That way, you can screen your candidates in a more efficient way.

Good for: Innovative staffing agencies who want to create a smarter hiring process through faster screening, better candidate matches, and accurately predicting job fit. Although Harver is a perfect fit for staffing, other industries like retail, contact centers, hospitality, and tech industries also rely on the platform to help them make better hiring decisions.


✅ Customized candidate assessments

✅ Automatic grading/predictive hiring score

✅ Personality/situational judgement testing

✅ Pre-made test library

✅ Skills assessments

Fair Hiring Dashboard

7. Eskill

Like Harver, eSkill is a powerhouse for staffing agencies looking to hire and retain top candidates. 

Using eSkill, companies can have candidates go through employment tests and behavioral assessments to make sure they’re up for the job. The portal is totally customizable, so staffing agencies can change tests to suit their needs and even add their own branding. If you can’t find a test you need in eSkill’s pre-prepared test list, all you need to do is create your own and add it to the library.

eSkill also has video interviewing, so you can get a better understanding of candidates’ capabilities before you hire them or have them go further down the hiring process. It also integrates with some of the most widely used ATS systems like Bullhorn, Oracle Taleo, iCIMS, and NEOGOV.

Good for: Staffing agencies who need to put candidates through standard job-based tests and have the ability to customize them. 


✅ Customizable pre-employment tests

✅ White label branding

✅ Content library/file sharing

eSkill Screenshot

8. Psycruit

If your staffing agency wants a pre-assessment tool where you create your own tests from scratch, Psycruit may be your answer. 

The platform enables staffing agencies to create customized assessment campaigns that test candidates on their personality, situational judgement, and cognitive ability. It then uses the data to create benchmarks and predictive insights to recruit better candidates and reduce new-hire churn.

Good for: Staffing agencies who need a pre-employment tool that’s customizable and weeds out the best candidates for a job. 


✅ Employer branding

✅ Candidate management facilities

✅ Open API

Psycruit Screenshot

Best end-to-end solutions

9. Avionté

Avionté is a complete end-to-end solution for enterprise staffing agencies.

The platform is equipped with a ton of functionalities, like ATS, CRM, recruiting, and onboarding. But as it’s an end-to-end solution, it also takes care of other parts of the hiring process like payroll, billing, and IT, making it a perfect solution for larger staffing agencies.

For sourcing, Avionté’s ATS integrates with third-party job boards like Glassdoor, Linkedin, and Indeed to find the best candidates, and then uses video interviewing, resume parsing, and background screening to make sure they’re a good fit. Once a candidate passes the initial tests, staffing agencies can add them into the tool’s CRM, where the relationship will be automatically nurtured using emails and follow-up tasks.

Overall, the platform takes the heavy lifting out of not only the recruitment process but nurturing relationships with newly found candidates, while also managing client relations.

Good for: Enterprise staffing agencies who need an end-to-end solution to find candidates without compromising on relationships or onboarding.


✅ Unique application workflows

✅ Paperless onboarding/payroll, billing & accounts

✅ Social media integrations

Avionte Screenshot

10. JobDiva 

JobDiva is an end-to-end solution that’s used by over 30,000 businesses to recruit the best candidates.

The platform specializes in three areas: candidate acquisition, management, and applicant tracking. Inside each of these areas is a whole range of features, but one of the coolest ones is that JobDiva can scan for skills by years of experience. If a staffing agency is looking for a candidate who has worked in a specific industry for 5+ years, JobDiva can automatically parse resumes and disqualify candidates before they enter a recruitment funnel.

However, the real benefit of JobDiva is that it brings all of the aspects of a staffing agency under one roof. It has enough tools that it can manage an agency’s recruitment, sales, and back-office needs without having to integrate other expensive tools into the mix. Not only can this save staffing agencies money, but it can also help with training as staffers will only need to master one recruitment tool!

Good for: Staffing agencies who want a recruitment tool that can also take care of sales and back-office needs on the same platform.


✅ Customizable career portal

✅ Equal employment opportunity compliance

✅ Custom business intelligence & dashboards

✅ E-verify integration

JobDiva Screenshot

Wrapping up

Digitally transforming your staffing agency is a big step.

Not only are there hundreds of tools to choose from, but they all have their own unique features and drawbacks. While an all-in-solution might seem good on the surface, if your staffing agency already has invoicing and sales workflows in place, the tool may be redundant and expensive for your needs. On the flip side, if your staffing agency is looking for a tool that can completely transform the way you recruit candidates, an end-to-end solution could be a perfect fit for your agency.

Staffing agency assessment software is also on the rise. The right solution allows you to test out a candidate’s job fit and cognitive abilities, and on-demand video interviews also give agencies the freedom to see what a candidate is made of before they’re ever invited to a live interview. This makes your recruitment process more efficient and streamlined, and you stand out from the crowd on the staffing market.

Now, it’s your turn. What software will you choose to digitally transform your agency?



Kimberlee Meier is a content writer who helps companies work smarter with recruitment and tech. Her workshop is located at kimberleemeier.com.

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