The 18 Best Recruitment Blogs you Should Bookmark in 2018

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The recruiting space is evolving faster than ever and keeping up is a challenge in itself. The best way to stay on top of things?

Blog articles!


Because contrary to books, the time it takes for a blog article to be published can be as short as a couple of hours. If tomorrow someone develops a neural network that will change the recruitment game forever, blogs are bound to write about it the day after tomorrow.

In today’s post, we’ve selected 18 recruitment blogs for you to bookmark. From now on, whenever you feel like catching up on the latest news, developments and fun facts in recruitment land you know where to go.

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18. G2 Crowd’s learn blog

G2 Crowd regularly publishes some very high-quality content on a variety of recruitment and work-related topics. Think of ‘Maintaining Company Culture through Hyper-Growth’ and a comprehensive ‘Hiring and Recruiting Strategy Guide for Managers’ for instance.

The articles written by the G2 Crowd team are written in a particularly engaging manner and full of actionable, easy-t0-implement tips and examples for recruiters and hiring managers.

G2 crowd

17. Undercover Recruiter

Visually appealing and easy-to-read, the Undercover Recruiter covers virtually every recruitment related topic you can think of. From Millennials and Generation Z to employer branding and everything in-between.

Articles on Undercover Recruiter are divided into three themes:

Where you learn how to hire and retain the best talent – Think about tips for improving Employer Branding or Talent Management Strategies.

With tips and tricks from real recruiters – Think for example a case study on Deutsche Bahn’s Talent Acquisition Strategy or Ways to Improve Your Recruiting Skillset.

With resources for your candidates – Think ‘tech tools to stay productive’ or tips for writing the perfect resume.

Posts are a mix of articles from renowned (recruitment) bloggers and relevant sponsored content. All in all, a great resource to get your daily growth from.

Undercover Recruiter logo

16. The Savage Truth

This recruitment blog, run by Greg Savage, is a mix of video, written content, and podcasts. Both his ‘Sixty Savage Seconds’ video items as his regular blog posts are equipped with titles that will definitely trigger you.

Think of ‘The dumbest thing a recruitment manager ever said to me’, ’Massive lies recruiters tell themselves’ and ‘The candidate response that nearly made me cry’ for example.

With 37 years in recruitment, 56,000 twitter followers, and 212,000 Linkedin followers, it’s safe to say Greg knows what’s up.

Savage Truth Logo

15. Social Hire

You may have guessed it, this blog focuses on social recruiting. A theme that is highly relevant in our rapidly digitalizing world. Topics range from how to hire your first social media manager to social media lead generation and all other things social recruitment related.

The articles describe actual issues and pitfalls recruiters may encounter in their social strategy and give useful tips on how to solve these matters.


Social Hire Logo

14. Snark Attack

Catchy titles, funny visuals and a refreshingly frank way of talking to you. That pretty much sums up what you can expect from Snark Attack, the recruitment blog ‘from the mind of Matt Charney’. Smiles and useful information guaranteed!

When it comes to recruitment and creating relevant content, Matt knows the ropes. He’s worked as a talent acquisition and recruitment leader for some of the world’s biggest brands (such as Warner Bros and Walt Disney) and that’s how he gained first-hand experience both as an end-user and buyer of recruiting technology. He currently is the Editor in Chief for Recruiting Daily, also featured in this list.

Snark Attack Logo

13. Recruiter Magazine

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a recruitment blog but an online recruitment magazine. But hey, what’s in a name right? Recruiter magazine brings its (UK) readers the latest industry news on a daily basis and as such is a great source of information for recruiters and employers.

Recruiter Magazine

12. Recruiting Daily

The perfect place to go for your daily dose of recruitment chat. Recruiting Daily features content from various HR and recruitment experts which makes for an entertaining and varied range of articles.

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Recruiting Daily Logo


On a list of recruitment blogs you simply have to bookmark, a publication with the name can’t be lacking. Many of the articles focus on a particular aspect of recruitment – such as giving your candidates feedback – and give actionable tips on how to do this. Logo

10. Recruitment Buzz

This is a UK focused recruitment blog. Articles cover of course recruitment related themes but in combination with current events. What that entails you wonder?

Let me tell you.

Take the Brexit for example. On Recruitment Buzz you’ll find articles about how Brexit has transformed the recruitment strategies of SME’s or how there is light at the end of the ‘bleak Brexodus tunnel’.

Recruitment Buzz Logo

9. LinkedIn Talent Blog

As a popular professional social (recruitment) network, LinkedIn can’t really do without a recruitment blog. And so they don’t. Their LinkedIn Talent Blog provides readers a good selection of articles on ‘recruitment strategies, tips, and trends.’

With contributions coming from people from all corners of the industry and people inside LinkedIn, you get a look into someone else’s kitchen which provides you with different perspectives on how to deal with certain recruitment challenges.

Linkedin Talent Blog Logo

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8. HR Bartender

House favorites served straight up by HR Bartender Sharlyn Lauby. On her blog, Sharlyn writes about workplace related topics such as employee engagement and career advice. She also frequently answers reader questions (over a virtual cocktail I imagine).

Sharlyn is an HR professional turned consultant. She initially created HR Bartender as a friendly place where people could go to discuss workplace issues. Her blog is recognized multiple times for its actionable content and its informal tone.

HR Bartender Logo

7. Flat Fee Recruiter

A blog full of practical tips and information with a touch of playfulness. On Flat Fee Recruiter you’ll find content ranging from – among other things – job board advertising, interviewing and selection to recruitment technology- and legislation.

Flat Fee Recruiter Logo

6. Fistful of Talent

‘Opinions from the Worlds of HR, Recruiting and Talent’ as it says on their website. If you’re looking for a welcome break from being the serious HR professional that you are, this is the place to go.

Fistful of Talent features a great selection of witty articles by various bloggers and guest writers. A small sampling of what you can expect in terms of titles: Talent & Vomit – An analogy, Why resumes need to retire and You hate your job – Welcome to camp suck it up.

Fistful of Talent logo

5. Evil HR Lady

Again, strictly speaking, this isn’t a recruitment blog. Evil HR Lady covers all sorts of HR and workforce related topics. But the way the blogs – and even the ‘Why this website’ paragraph – are written is so blunt and refreshing that I wanted to include it here anyway.

The woman behind the Evil HR Lady, the ‘real Evil HR Lady’ so to speak is Suzanne Lucas. She’s a freelance writer who spent 10 years in corporate HR, where she hired, fired, managed the numbers, and double-checked with the lawyers.

Evil HR Lady Logo

4. Ere

Ere started out in 1998 as an online gathering place for recruiters. The idea was for it to be a destination where the HR community could share ideas, network and learn from each other.

Today, Ere is a peer-to-peer website that (among other things) analyzes survey data and reports from the industry. Based on their analysis they’ll tell you what you can expect from a certain trend and how you can adapt to it (or not).

Ere Media Logo

3. Bullhorn

One of those reports the people from Ere talk about on their blog came from their blogging colleagues at Bullhorn. On their blog, the Bullhorns talk about purely recruitment related questions such as when best to reach out to candidates but you’ll also find articles about how to (better) run a recruitment business.

Bullhorn Logo

2. Blue Octopus

Blogtopus, as they call their own blog, brings you recruitment and careers advice from experts within the industry. Brief and to the point this description says it all.

Blue Octopus Logo

1. Barclay Jones

This bright and colorful blog combines all sorts of recruitment (business) content. There are webinars, articles, and videos that give you useful information and tips on how to make your recruitment business more profitable, digital marketing strategies and much, much more.

Lisa Jones works with recruitment leaders, IT and marketers and creates practical IT and marketing strategies. In 2016, she was UK Recruiter Influencer of the Year. Wayne Barclay works with recruitment leaders and IT leaders and creates practical recruitment technology strategies. He specializes in recruitment CRM, recruitment process and recruitment websites.

Barclay Jones Logo

0. Bonus: The Harver blog

And finally, to top of this list of awesome recruitment blogs you should bookmark: our very own Harver blog. On our blog, we talk HR tech focused on recruitment and occasionally we like throw in a blog such as this one to shake things up a little. If you haven’t done so, go take a look and of course, don’t forget to bookmark!

Harver Logo

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Neelie Verlinden is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Digital HR Tech. She’s an experienced digital HR & HR Tech writer, speaker, and entrepreneur with an international background. She has written countless articles on all things HR technology.
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